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  1. And in the land of reality.....Ohio among worst states for kids hospitalized for COVID-19, 9 have died. But, it is hopeless with the deniers. Friend of a friend of mine is a massive denier/hoaxer/anti (everything). She & her husband recently both ended up in the hospital with Covid pneumonia (they are both in their 30s, no comorbidities....and they have two elementary age children). They both recovered. She's back to regularly shit-posting anti-vaccine, anti-mask, anti-government stuff. I'm convinced this will only end when enough of them die off that the sheer numbers begin to make a difference. Which, even at 2,000 deaths/day, is going to take awhile.
  2. I no longer rely on cases, for the US at least. In some states, it's difficult to get testing done (wait times, limited locations, etc), and I think pandemic fatigue & an unwillingness on the part of some to test positive ("I don't want to be part of a government statistic" is a phrase I've heard numerous times) means fewer # of people are testing, even when they have symptoms....which also means that they are often much sicker by the time they seek medical help, which contributes to higher deaths. Plus, Delta doesn't f*ck around. It can chew through people's lungs in less than a week and is FAR less forgiving than Alpha. ETA: Even with all the above, cases are still trending up in some states, and it's not clear in the states where cases are dropping, whether the trend will last. I do still watch the hospitalization numbers.
  3. Both my kids are vaxxed. DD, 15 at the time, had ~ 24 hours of feeling somewhat poorly, like fighting a bad cold or mild flu. DS, 18, had a few hours of fever and slept during that time. Both back to normal at 24 hours and have been fine in the months since then. No other side effects.
  4. I'm so sorry. I don't have any mask studies, but I'm sure it is stressful/worrying to be in that situation. FWIW, I know someone who's husband was convinced to get the shot and mask up (or mask more, anyway) after she showed him the Reddit sub "Herman Cain Award", where there are (most unfortunately) a great number of young(ish) "nominees" who all left a trail of anti-vax/anti-mask FB posts and then wound up getting Covid and being hospitalized, with many ending up dead. HOWEVER (and this is a big caveat)....that sub is brutal with the comments (although, to be fair, most subs on Reddit are brutal), and you have to judge whether seeing the trail of young(ish) people ending up sick and dead would bring home the seriousness of the situation to your husband, or whether some of the (admittedly callous & rude) commenters would cause him to dig in his heels and say, "nope, ain't doing it, cuz those people are d*cks". I don't frequent that sub much, because it makes me sad. Even though some of those people did post crazy, rude things on FB, they have families, spouses, people who love them. Through those posts, you see that A LOT of children are losing a parent to Covid, and there's been several instances where both parents die and leave their kids orphans.
  5. I really caution about calling ICU nurses right now. So many hospitals are overrun and short-staffed that nurses really shouldn't be answering general inquiry questions. (no offense intended)
  6. Cintinative, you could show your husband what's happening in Idaho now....they're having to ration health care due to overly-full hospitals? (source 1, source 2, there's more via google) I could point to other news sources about other states (where similar things are happening), but it's become obvious to me that people believe what they want to believe, regardless of what the people who actually treat Covid patients have to say about the pandemic. (It's just unfortunate that so many of those same skeptics seem to have no issue running to the doctors & hospitals once they are struggling to breathe....why the health care professionals who can't be trusted at all before, but then are expected to save your life once you're sick, I'll never understand, but that's where we stand......
  7. Cancel culture from the people who claim to hate cancel culture.
  8. Can you get a hold of his GP in the a.m.? It's not a good sign that he's having repetitive memory loss. (He's not going to die, but a medical professional really should be informed/involved with that severe of a concussion). Hugs.
  9. I used to think they might/would, but now I really don't know. I really think it's possible that hundreds of thousands of more people will just die, that hundreds of thousands of children will become ill (with some dying), and....life will just continue as is for many of the people in this country, even if they happen at some point to be personally affected. Ideology trumps everything.
  10. I posted this in the other thread (about locking down), but thought it was relevant here as well: Pediatric cases in Arkansas are now 30% of all Covid cases. In Spokane, WA, six children are in critical care due to Covid Pediatric Covid-19 hospitalizations in Florida reach record highs AAP Study: Myocarditis risk 37 times higher for children with Covid-19 85 pediatric patients hospitalized with Covid-19 in North Texas I could post more, but it's too depressing. Child deaths from Covid-19 are now also being reported in several states. *********************************** I am almost beside myself with wondering what has happened to this formerly-great-now-just-a-f*cking-dumpster-fire-of-a-country? I think back to my school years (70's & 80's) & I cannot imagine parents and community members then *not caring* about children getting severely sick and risking life-long health complications. (And if someone isn't willing to do something to keep children from catching said virus, they don't care, no matter what else they say. Ditto for politicians and elected officials who refuse to lead during this time.)
  11. Pediatric cases in Arkansas are now 30% of all Covid cases. In Spokane, WA, six children are in critical care due to Covid Pediatric Covid-19 hospitalizations in Florida reach record highs AAP Study: Myocarditis risk 37 times higher for children with Covid-19 85 pediatric patients hospitalized with Covid-19 in North Texas I could post more, but it's too depressing. Child deaths from Covid-19 are now also being reported in several states. Seriously, what the f*ck is wrong with this country? People ranting about their "freedom" while hospitals start overflowing with children. Yeah, we're locking down again.
  12. It's interesting that your state is still able to send patients to Idaho, because the governor there just called out the National Guard & federal help to assist the hospitals. The state has (apparently) only 4 ICU beds left and is "dangerously close to care rationing". And Idaho's surge is just getting started. Oy veh.
  13. There’s a large thread on Reddit, r/nursing, where *many* nurses are saying exactly that. Like less than 5% of Covid patients now are being successfully extubated, no matter their age or how healthy they are(were). And, yes, the vast majority are unvaccinated. Obviously, that’s anecdotal, but it’s a rather sobering thread and reflects what you’ve seen. It’s also mind-blowing (not in a good way) to do a FB search for terms like, “died from Covid today u.s.” or “Covid prayers”, etc and then select “Posts”. Brings it home on a more personal level. A lot of younger people (30’s - 50’s) passing.
  14. This has been my experience/observation with him, too. I watched him religiously for several months, until I started noticing the errors. I do think he is very sincere & really does his best to adequately (& broadly) source information, which makes him much better than many others on the internet, but he is out of his league in certain areas & he doesn't recognize that.
  15. This isnt directed at you, but for the life of me I cannot figure out why people expect information and protocols to remain exactly the same during a rapidly & constantly changing pandemic. It’s really unrealistic (among other things) to think that guidance and rules should not shift, esp with a new virus. Yes, it will be chaotic and confusing at times, esp with every state doing its own thing. That’s the nature of the beast.
  16. This is me. Ive taken 10,000 IU at least 4 days a week for years and have yet to break 60. But then, both my mom & my son have at times been so clinically low that they've had to be on prescription Vit D, so clearly we've got some kind of genetic factor going on.
  17. Where did I say I considered any percent acceptable? My point was and is is that it’s not something for anyone to be concerned about, because the actual percentage is incredibly small. I just wish the tolerance for ongoing & severe Native child abuse was also zero. Which it clearly wasn’t.
  18. I'm curious to know what percent of them have actually been burned.....
  19. DH and I looked seriously at the Canada option when he had a job opportunity there. I wanted to use it as a gateway to permanent residency, so I looked into it. As others have mentioned, the Canadian immigration is a point-based system. They want young, educated workers who can contribute to the economy for many years before those workers will consume more resources than they give (they don't actually state this out loud, but if you go through the point system, it's quite obvious). If you are young (more points are awarded the younger of an adult you are), speak French, and have desirable/needed job skills, along with financial resources, you'll get the most points. The further you are from any/all of these categories, the less points you'll 'earn'. Even though DH had a job offer and we were healthy (no pre-ex) and we had enough financial assets to be able to afford private insurance long term, we were/are middle-aged, didn't speak French and we didn't rank high enough in the point system to put us into a category where gaining permanent residency was going to be a possibility. Unless you fall into the "most wanted" category for Canada, it's really pretty difficult to gain PR there.
  20. Huh? You do realize that millions and millions of people in this country do not consider the cost of a human life to be worth the inconvenience of wearing a paper mask in public.
  21. Mask, distance, booster. In whatever order.
  22. Yes, but….I’d also note that age seems to be the critical factor here…those who are 60+ are the most likely to be hospitalized with break-through infections. Boosters are needed, but available. I’m sure vaccine researchers are hard at work on configuring for Delta. For me, what stood out is the continued need for & absolute value of masking and distancing, vaccinated or not. Here, in the United States of Stupidity, we have multiple elected leaders (all from the “small government party”) prohibiting and/or suing businesses and institutions which are trying use those protocols. And, because of that, a LOT more people are going to sicken and die.
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