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  1. I agree with Wathe. Your son is not being unreasonable. Swollen, red hands that proceed to peel are a serious reaction (I’m not an expert on allergies, but I’m wondering if a reaction that strong could escalate in future incidents?). He needs to start documenting. Document what has happened so far. Put it in a letter that goes to the manager with a Cc to the manager the next level up. Attach pictures. Have him be reasonable “non-threatening”, but also clear that he needs gloves, or he won’t be able to complete his work tasks.
  2. Huh? Inappropriate & borderline sexualized behavior in a 6-year-old are not the result of terminology & post-it notes. Not to mention you're starting to get into diagnosing the cause of the boy's behavior and diagnosing based upon something you learned about on talk radio. You're also assuming the boy goes to public school, that his school uses the curriculum, and that it uses it starting in kindergarten...none of which may be true. (And, as an aside, the curriculum you link to is one created by a self-designated advocacy organization in Washington, DC. The fact that it
  3. I have a close friend who lives less than 15 minutes from downtown. Her daily life has been unaffected (tho neither she or her husband work downtown). From what she tells me, the protests (the ones featured on TV) are concentrated in a small geographic area and don't really impact any other area.
  4. This. Can't count how many times I've heard, "let the at-risk stay home" (translation: they're inconveniencing us, so stop).
  5. And how far we've fallen when wearing a paper mask for an hour church service during a pandemic becomes a hill worth dying on for Christians.
  6. I don't know that there's a way to make an argument to make it OK. Pandemics are about risk of infection and managing (or not) that risk. Some people take risks in defying government mandates/laws/whatever, and sometimes those risks turn out not to have consequences. Sometimes those risks turn out deadly for (usually) other people, in which case, since the death is not directly traceable (at least in this country) to anyone else's action(s), it's viewed as just part of the pandemic (still not sure how people explain away all those pesky excess deaths, though). There's a lot of other under
  7. Brandolini's law: "The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it."
  8. Whatever. I'm sick of trying to debunk FB meme bullshit for people who have zero interest in actually understanding the truth.
  9. No offense, but that makes no sense to me. How does one recognize differences without labeling them (e.g. describing them) in some way?
  10. I saw that, too, and I left the group at that time. I no longer participate in any group that refuses to acknowledge differences in physical anatomy. It's every bit as anti-science as the denial of climate change/global warming. Once it's clear that a particular worldview is more important than verifiable fact, I'm out. I'm glad to hear that other groups are springing up (which another poster mentioned).
  11. I bought a DVD set of hers - I don't remember the title, something like "6 weeks to fitness" and there are 4 DVDs and a workout schedule included. I've had them about 2 years and I use them regularly (I don't always follow the schedule, life of a hs mom), but I *really* like them. I know that's not branching out, but TBH I haven't found any exercise video that I like better than hers. I think she has other DVDs as well.
  12. I don't know that people find those deaths "acceptable", and we do have speed limits, seat belt laws, drivers license requirements, regulations dictating safety features in cars, etc. - automobiles & driving them are actually pretty highly-regulated. If we wanted to get deaths to 0, hypothetically, we could regulate more, but I don't know that limits like what you mention would do the trick. Respectfully, it seems to me you are conflating deaths that occur from everyday life/activities - deaths that can be reduced by following regulations in place (going the speed limit, wearing the s
  13. Who's "anyone"? I've certainly written on this board, several times in threads, about the irresponsibility of protestors. As have others here. And there have been mainstream news articles about the risk of protests and Covid. Here's one from The Atlantic. My dad has Fox News on all the time. They never shut up about it, and my social media feed from conservative family members has endless memes about it. So who exactly are you referring to?
  14. There is nothing fair about a pandemic. We'll never know how many cases come out of this, because those 100 cases (that's what's been directly traced SO FAR, I'm sure there are many others that have not shown up yet &/or will not be traced, given the fact that the US lacks any ability, capacity or will to do contact tracing) - IN EIGHT STATES (which means further infection will be spread in multiple states, none of which will be traced back to Sturgis). SD cases have also increased by >2,200, an increase of nearly 25%, since the rally was held. The fatalistic attitude o
  15. Article here. I'm so sick of belligerently ignorant people. I'm tired of watching earnest young people, small business owners, and the poor/struggling pay the price for this virus while MANY others, in MANY places (not just Sturgis) woop it up with an FU attitude. Rant over.
  16. I don't doubt that the schools are motivated for/by the money, but it's also clear that there's plenty of asinine behavior on the part of students at many places. Which *does* contribute to outbreaks.
  17. I agree with you, but unfortunately Falwell is already guaranteed to not lose everything, or even much at allll.....he's getting a MULTI-million dollar settlement, and I'm sure the right-wing entertainment complex will GLADLY welcome his "victimization" story and he'll end up a talking head at at least one major organization. So....he will probably pick up right where he left off with leadership in certain circles....
  18. I don't disagree with you, but I would be curious to see how much the "Covid fear of dying" factors into the mental health crisis, versus other factors (national debt level, fear of economic collapse - somewhat related to Covid, the national rancor & ill will that are so toxic right now, etc). I'm not doubting that fear of Covid death plays into the mental health stress going on, but I think that other factors also weigh in heavily.
  19. The thing that just rankles me is the ASSUMPTION that we have to choose between saving the economy or saving the vulnerable. No. We. Don't. (or, more realistically, no, we didn't...now we've painted ourselves into a corner due to mass community spread). Many other countries largely successfully wrestled this virus under control months ago (and, yes, they continue to have outbreaks, but those are largely isolated outbreaks, and are tracked and contained), and those countries are now resuming many activities normal life with minimal restrictions, and minimal losses (comparatively speaking) of th
  20. Those stats *for death from Covid* aren't news to me at all. I'm far more interested in the stats for hospitalizations or long-term effects by age group. I'm not worried *at all* about dying from Covid. I'm worried about me or someone I love ending up sick for weeks, or possibly in the hospital. I'm going to re-post something I put in another thread: "The focus on death rates also completely ignores the massive hospitalizations that have occurred with Covid. (CDC graph showing hospitalization rates per 100K). Many other *thousands* of people struck with this virus are experienci
  21. "Rights" is always a loaded discussion because "rights" is a word that triggers many people's fears - fears that they will be on the losing end of another person's "rights". That being said, children should have a right to not be abused or neglected by a parent. Or any other adult. Unfortunately, in modern societies (& probably in many earlier societies), *many* adults are predators of children, from parents to religious leaders to just plain Joes (or Janes) on the street. That's where regulations/gov't programs step in, in an attempt to help protect those children. But regulations/pr
  22. While I agree that people will have a variety of opinions about what constitutes a good reaction vs an overreaction, I would say it's erroneous to solely focus on the death rate for this virus. For one thing, the death rate has only recently been lowered, as doctors have learned how to better treat the virus. Italy's death rate in February was running ~10% of the infected. NY was also hard hit. The focus on death rates also completely ignores the massive hospitalizations that have occurred with Covid. (CDC graph showing hospitalization rates per 100K). Many other *thousands* of people str
  23. You're right. Thanks for that correction. I will update my post.
  24. Here is the 2020 excess deaths chart from the CDC (as of 8/12/20). You'll need to scroll down a little. The yellow line is the excess death threshold (note: updated my info based on Danae's post below). Every single week since March(ish) shows excess deaths occurring - the lowest week I could find (click on the red cross) still shows an minimum excess death range of 7%. That's the lowest weekly excessive death percentage. I don't know what graph you're referring to, but the claim that there have not been excessive deaths this year, is wrong. "Extensive research" or no. Here is the excess
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