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Where is the best place to get notecards printed?

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Has anyone ever done this? I want to have some blank notecards printed with some of my photographs on the front. The places I've found online so far are like $2.49 per card. I had thought it would be cheaper than that. Some of these places don't seem to have an option for just a simple white card with your photo on front either. I'd like to sell some packages of mixed notecards at our local farmers market and a few other places and I'd like to keep the cost to myself and customers down.

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I found that my locally owned print shop has been able to do everything I have needed done and at a much better price than anywhere else.


Granted, I haven't had notecards printed, but they have done calendars, flyers, brochures, etc. They are reasonable and high quality.


I would start locally and see what you can find.

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