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is classical conversations the kind of thing where..

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You pay money and can leave your child and pick up later. I know this sounds awful. I've been looking for some kind of one day a week school for next year. I'm going to try to get to an info night for this soon. I work part time and I just hate for dd to loose a whole day a week when I'm working (I make arrangements, but they never result in much academics accomplished). I could certainly support the coursework at home the rest of the week. The problem is if there's a parent commitment to stay and teach or somehow work at the program like a coop, I could not participate. Dd will be almost 12 in the fall and has shown herself to be capable of managing herself. It looks like the way most of these programs are set up the instruction has an Essentials class and a Foundations class and these together take up a full day. It looks like a rigorous program, covering many things I've been trying to cover. I could support dd doing the assignments the rest of the week, plus teach stuff I'd planned. So, are parents expected to stay and work during the program?

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Generally, Classical Conversations is for both parent & child to attend. Since your child is older- you should at least consider calling your local coordinator to ask about having her attend without you. I'm not sure about the middle school level courses- it might be common for students to attend without a parent. Lots of parents have kids in different levels, so not all parents can attend with their kids. I hope it works for you!



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Hi Betty,


I am the Director of a CC program.


For children up to 6th grade, who would be in Foundations and/or Essentials, the parent attends with the children. For Challenge, which is for students in grade 7 and above, the progrm is designed for the students only. As long as the Challenge student is 12 yo, the parent may leave.

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Option 1: Speak with the director of your local CC. If your daughter is capable of handing Challenge A, that would be ideal for your situation. Parents do not have to attend with their children and the student is in class from 8:30 - 3:00 p.m. one day per week for 30 weeks.


Option 2: If she's not quite ready for Challenge A, is there another adult (dad, grandparent, sister) who could attend Foundations & Essentials with her? As long as she has an adult on campus with her, it doesn't necessarily have to be you. You would have to familiarize yourself with the material well enough to help her with the assignments at home if needed.


If you're really interested, definitely speak with the director of your campus. She'll be able to offer the best advice pertaining to your specific situation.


Best of luck to you!

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