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Boy stories

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My little boy just turned 4.

All three kids LOVE listening to books on CD.

They ALL love and listen to the Magic Treehouse books.

The girls also like the Disney Fairy Books and American Girl Books.

I need ideas for boy stories that aren't longer than one CD (80 minutes).

I don't think that he is ready to listen to longer stories like Peter Pan (3 discs).

I don't care SO much if it is twaddle, but if he is listening to something I see no reason for it to be abridged.

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There is a CD in my library with three of the stories from "Homer Price."


There is also a great series by Rabbit Ears of American Tall Tales. They are fantastic!


I also found some stories on CD by Donald Davis that are interesting. Especially hilarious is "Dr. York, Miss Winnie and the typhoid shot."

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