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Can we change our settings so more threads are on the front page?

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I'm finding I need to go through pages and pages just to get through all the threads with new posts!!! Is it possible to have more posts on the front page?

I know you can change the number of posts showing on a page, but I don't think you can change the number of threads showing on a page. It sure is fun to see so many new threads though!

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boy, now being able to see more threads at a time would be GREAT!!!


If we could up the number of posts in a thread on a page to over 40 that would be cool too ;)


Yep something like that - I would LOVE to not have to scroll through 5 or more pages just to read all the new posts - one thing I loved about the old board was having all the threads on one page, sigh....

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I emailed the admin about it and they said they are keeping it to 20, for the sake of those with dialup. The more threads there are per page, the longer they take to load.

Thanks for that! I just wonder how that is different from the old board where ALL the threads were on the same page. But maybe that is part of the reason they upgraded? I don't know.

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You have to do this every time you come to the board!


Scroll down to Display Options. Under Sorted By chose Thread Start Time, then click on Show Threads .


That will bring the most recent posts up to the beginning.


The bolded posts are the ones with new replies since last time you were here.

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