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Continue with Latin or start Spanish I

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While some colleges are content with two years of a foreign language, more are looking for three or even four years of the same language. If you have an idea of what colleges your child might apply to, I'd recommend looking at their catalog to see what specifically they require.


If your child is enjoying Latin, I'd say continue on. (My senior is in her fifth year of Latin and her first of Ancient Greek.) Perhaps he can add the Spanish as well.




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DS has two years of high school Latin under his belt. Should we at this point continue with LatinIII OR switch to Spanish I for something a little different.


What are the colleges and universities looking for on a transcript?



We're opting for Spanish after 2 years of Latin. Yes, colleges want 3-4 years, depending on the college. UW in Seattle wants 4 years.


We've dabbled in Spanish w/ Rosetta Stone over the last year. The kids love Spanish and can speak w/ neighbor kids who are taking Spanish at their middle and high schools. Our church works w/ a ministry in Nicaragua and both my older dc are going next summer to volunteer.


Both my dc have a great foundation in Latin. Spanish seems more practical. Every family's goals are different.


Ds will take Spanish at high school in Fall.


Our Spanish tutor arrives tonight for the first formal lesson :)

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I agree. You need to check out potential colleges first. Our state university requires modern language credits with a heavy oral component: Two years (same language) for admission and another 2 years (same language) either in high school or at the university level to meet general requirements.


Both of my daughters started with Latin. The oldest is now taking Spanish at a cooperative (to meet their even more persnickety requirements - namely the "taken in a classroom" clause) and my youngest, who would like to continue Latin next year, will be switching to Spanish as well.



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Chiming in a bit late. You could also pick up Spanish by dual enrolling at a community college or local university and get the equivalent of 1 year of hs in 1 semester. That is likely what dd will do as she will continue at least through Latin III and then pursue a modern language through dual enrollment.




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