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great men and women book

Vita Passiva

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Great Lives, Great Deeds by Reader's Digest is a great anthology. It isn't written to children but it's an excellent source with many names throughout history.


Great Lives, Great Deeds

The Readers Digest Association

The Reader's Digest Association Pty. Ltd. Sydney. 1965

Short stories on prominent people in history, including a lengthy one on Jesus called "The Man Nobody Knows" focusing on him as a man rather than the religous stories usually associated with him. Others include everyone from Cleopatra, Napolean, Dame Nellie Melba, Albert Einstein, Socrates to Buddha and Thomas Edison. Easy, interesting reading.


Fifty Famous People by James Baldwin Offers stories about real persons who actually lived and performed their parts in the great drama of the world's history. Some of these persons were more famous than others, yet all have left enduring footprints on the 'sands of time,' and their names will be long remembered. Though not strictly biographical, each of the stories contains a basis of truth and an ethical lesson which cannot fail to have a wholesome influence. Each also possesses elements of interest that will delight the children with whom it is shared.Ages 6-9


Fifty Famous Stories Retold by James Baldwin Includes fifty legendary tales depicting certain romantic episodes in the lives of well-known heroes and famous men, or in the history of a people. Children naturally take a deep interest in such stories. The reading of them will not only give pleasure but will lay the foundation for broader literary studies, as nearly all are the subjects of frequent allusions in poetry and prose. Ages 6-9 186 pages


Famous Men of the Middle Ages

by John H. Haaren Attractive biographical sketches of thirty-five of the most prominent characters in the history of the Middle Ages, from the barbarian invasions to the invention of the printing press. Each story is told in a clear, simple manner, and is well calculated to awaken and stimulate the youthful imagination. Ages 9-14 249 pages


Other titles for other time periods available also



Online for free at http://www.mainlesson.com or you can purchase the books at YesterdaysClassics.com


Plutarch's Lives for Children

Online for free at http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/webbin/gutbook/lookup?num=2484



Most of what you can use is available online free at Gutenberg.org or MainLesson.com, there may be audio as well at Librivox.com


Hope this helps,




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Ten Kings (and the worlds they ruled, I think, is the subtitle), Milton Meltzer


Ten Queens. These have great illustrations. I would be careful and pre-read as I seem to recall that especially with the queens there is some rape and pillage type stuff in some of them.....


Don't know if you can find this one, but Kings and Queens for God is a really good book covering quite a few over the span of time and I got mine at a dollar store. Author: Carol Greene. Color illustrations in this one, also.


There's also a Kings and Queens of England, Williamson, but I think it's better for middle school age and up.



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We're reading Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans by Edward Eggleston from YC. It's perfect for 1st graders. It includes stories of George Washington, Ben Franklin, William Penn, Jefferson, Daniel Boone, Audobon, Longfellow, Francis Scott Key, etc.


A couple of months ago, Amazon had many of the Yesterday's Classics books in its 4-for-3 promotion. I'm not sure if it's still valid, though.

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OK Thanks a millions! I have to tell you guys how much I appreciate you! Although I don't know any of you personally, you've all mentored me in this homeschool journey, which I am just beginning. I don't have a blog right now, but maybe one day. :) Believe me on a lonely-what on earth am I doing-why am I doing this type of a day I find much encouragement here through you. So.......Thanks!

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