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Supplements for helping teens cope with hormones?

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I was wondering if supplements might not help my emerging teen with his hormonal changes/ moods. I am giving him a B-Complex and I think it helps him with stress. The other day he was having a really stressful day and he chose to pop an extra B-complex. It seemed to help him not have a melt-down but of course the fact that he had stopped himself and done something proactive might in itself have helped. Do you know anything about supplements that might help him cope with some of the changes going on in his body?

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Zinc is HUGE for teen boys. When boys start making semen, it uses up a lot of their zinc. Stress saps zinc, illness saps zinc, growth taxes zink. A little extra might help his mood, sleep, growth and calm.


IMHO, I'd add zinc, Omegas, B-complex (all three for stress/growth) antioxidants (for general health) and magnesium for calm.





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