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Apologia General Science supplement activites?


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I've been through this book once with one child. I thought the content was good, but I was not real crazy about the lack of activites (compared to other courses of theirs). I'm teaching this at our co-op next year and am hoping to make this a better experience for these kids. Any ideas to add to the modules that you liked.


Some things I thought about:


Have them do further research on the scientists mentioned in the HIstory of Science module.


In the Scientific Method module, actually have them design a simple experiment and test it.


Fossils and Rocks ~ I have rocks. Where can I buy fossils that won't cost me an arm and a leg? I live in TN and we have a lot of limestone fossils if you want to dig around in the rock layers on the highway cutaways. I'm not that desparate yet.


For the cell ~ have them make a cell cookie from cookie dough and use candy for the parts. Son and I did this before and it was very fun.


More ideas? Videos you could not live without? Supplement resources or books?

Thanks, Debbie

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clear flavored gelatin (or just get a translucent color jello from the store!) and use candy, pasta shapes, etc. for the organelles. We did that this year w/ CKE Biology. Dd11 is using Apologia General next year so I, too, am interested in more ideas from all you creative types! Oh, one idea is to get the lapbook that goes w/ Apologia General Science from Live and Learn Press and have your students do the lapbook.

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I am very interested in this topic...


My homeschool group/co-op is doing a human body class using Apologia General Science Human body modules while the elementary kids are using God's Design for Human body.


I am looking for more ideas on General Science!!


Love this!



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This is a link I have saved for two years now and hopefully I'll be able to use it for General Science. It's about 7 ways to make a neuron and make things about mapping the brain. I think my favorite was the cap map of the brain, but I don't think that is covered in Module 16 :( . Also, if you click up in the top right corner under "experiments" they have a lot of cool brain/nervous system activites similar to some of the textbook activities, but more of them. It's a site called "Neuroscience for Kids," through The University of Washington.


Also, for the entire Human Body modules, I just bought recently and used the Human Anatomy Coloring Pages by Dover. It's not little kid stuff and I think it was very helpful for reinforcement. I have never been a big coloring page person for middle school, but I tried it at a suggestion of a friend, and they really liked it, and since its a technical drawing, they didn't feel like it was too young for them. Plus each page has a short summary of the system, or whatever is on that page, which is helpful.


I also bought the Lyrical Science Human Body CD. We played it in the car for a month until everyone in my family was so sick of it but they all knew the songs about all the different systems They are really high quality songs and they were made for middle school.

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I'm the one asking, and now giving ideas!? Module 1 pages from Donna Young ~




I just found these a month ago. They are page printouts with PICTURES of all the scientists mentioned in the History of Science with lines to write a little bio on each next to it, except for poor Deitrich ;) . You could just work on it throughout the year, doing a little research on different scientists, one a week or so.


You may find that helpful. I forgot I saved that one too ~


I really need help with rock ideas ~ though, I admit, the weathering experiment in the book, son and I skipped for some reason. Don't know why. Has anyone done it?

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