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Quick question about Rod & Staff English...


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Is this program grammar only, or is it a complete English curriculum with writing/composition as well?


From the samples you can view online, I get the impression it's grammar only. But I thought I remembered some here discussing it for composition as well. Perhaps it depends on the grade level?

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It is writing also. If you check out the table of contents in the samples they mark the writing assignments with a star or something.



I think the stars begin in the 4th grade book. Also if you look at the books discriptions they will tell you how many composition lesson there are for the year.

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The Building Christian English series is comprehensive and includes oral communication, parts of speech, word usage, sentence structure, capitalization and punctuation, composition, and using reference materials. How much of each depends, of course, on the grade level.


Composition really picks up in Building Securely, the 7th grade text, but there is plenty of writing before then.

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Ah, ok. Maybe I don't have the updated version of WTM, either that or my memory is fuzzy, because I was thinking the recommendation was R&S plus IEW or WS. Must be time to pull out my WTM and re-read!



Wow--Me too. I'd always thought R&S wasn't "good enough."


Here's the full quote on p. 67 (thanks for the page reference):


Again, if you are using the Rod & Staff composition, neither of these programs [Writing Strands, IEW] is necessary for grammar-stage [up to and including Grade 4] learners. But keep this in mind: because writing is a skill, there needs to be a match between the way a writing program explains the skill, and the way the child's mind comprehends it.



Again, though, on p. 359:


If you choose to use Rod and Staff, the composition excercies provided will fulfill the middle grade student'sneed for a writing pogram.



I have the 2004 WTM edition.

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