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The classical era and my 5 year old boy


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I want to bring my soon-to-be five year old in as 5th grade dd and I study Greece and Rome this spring. He is 100% boy who enjoys destruction and mayhem. He will love the weaponry, armor, castles, conquerors, gladiators, and chariots. I have "The Art of the Catapult" and I think it will be right up his alley. I also have the SOTW books and activity guide. I am looking for reading suggestions and other resources that would be appropriate for his age and interests.



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oh my gosh my 5 yo ds LOVED Greece and Rome. He still will go on and on about Alexander the Great, and it's been a year since we did it. I didn't do much as far as weapons and castles....we just did that in the Middle Ages and again, he loved it. I'm trying to think what we did....I used the Famous Men of Rome/Greece, and I got several movies off Netflix about Alexander and Rome. I checked out quite a few books from the library about Alexander and Greece and Rome...we did a lot on the myths and they loved that. Oh, I remember a huge hit- the comic book Iliad and Odyssey by Marcia Williams

I got some coloring books from Dover about the ancients and they liked coloring those, even though they are a little intricate.


We kind of fizzled out on the arts and crafts part of it...we did the building the Roman road activity and they liked that.....oh I printed off a ton of paper dolls and they decorated them and glued them to popsicle sticks and re-enacted the Iliad and different myths. I also found a craft online of a Medusa mask and they made those.


I was surprised at how much he liked it and how much he paid attention and retained a lot of information.

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