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You might look to see what materials, information, classes, or local gardening experts are available through your local programs of:
Gardening Extension 
Community Gardens 
-- might have a high school level gardening program in your area
(it looks like you are in WA?? -- Here's the WA State University 4-H Youth Development Gardening Program

Some FREE ideas:
Cornell Garden-Based Learning, Youth Lessons -- links to various activities/projects from Cornell College of Agriculture & Life Science 
4-H Gardening handout -- project suggestion list, from University of Florida
School Garden Curriculum -- 200+-page info packet & worksheets for K-12 on growing a school garden from Slow Food USA
Pathways to Horticulture -- pdfs and powerpoints from Minnesota Nursery and Landscaping Association

Some NOT free ideas:
4-H Gardening Curricum series ($7 each)
A (gr. 3-4) = "See Them Sprout"
B (gr. 5-6) = "Let's Get Growing
C (g. 7-9) = "Take Your Pick
D (gr. 10-12) = "Growing Profits"

Junior Master Gardener (middle/high school level)

Beginning to Garden Books:
Square Foot Gardening
How Plants Work
The Vegetable Garden Bible
The Month-by-Month Gardening series, by area of the US (assuming you are WA, here's for the Pacific Northwest)

ETA -- P.S.

For high school level resources, you might also cross-post on the High School Board for more eyeballs of those who have or have graduated students at that level and have done gardening for credit at that level.

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