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Phonics for my 4th child

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How am I to that point where my 4th is school age. Anyway. I have used Abeka to teach my first 3 to read, but I am considering switching it up for my 4th child. I really love everything about abeka phonics except for 2 things.

1. I hate how big and bulky the teacher book is and all the flash cards in a binder. I want something simple in one small book (I’m considering The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading)so if I’m feeding baby or whatever we can manage holding the book and baby, all that.

2. I hate having to start over a complete review of K phonics in the first grade book. I know I can just skip over, BUT my brain hates doing things like that. 

The one thing I love about Abeka is the readers that line up perfectly with what they have learned. Is there any list anywhere that matches up readers with the lessons in the OPGTR?

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What about phonics pathways as a backup on the couch.  Abeka as your main thing you do at the table.

The ordinary teachers guide recommends flash cards and a bunch of activities.  See if your library has it?  Ours does.

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On 5/24/2023 at 3:07 PM, JazzyMom said:

I use A Beka phonics without the teacher’s manual or flash cards.  We just use A Handbook for Reading, Letters and Sounds K5, and the K5 readers.

Wow. I hadn’t considered that, but I can 💯 see how that would work.

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