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Does anyone want a couple of month subscription to Noteflight? (Music notation/education web based software?)

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Does anyone have a kid who would enjoy having access to Noteflight, including the full premium library and SoundCheck (if someone is using Essential Elements books, they're all there) for the next couple of months? I have a teacher trial account for the summer since I'm building a new class in it, and it comes with 50 seats. (And if anyone wants to do the assignments for the beginning music composition class I'm working on, that would be fine, too 🙂 ). 

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Send me the user name and an email for google classroom. I'll set it up. The class materials are very, very rough right now, to say the least (i've been planning it out for awhile, but just started putting it together).


The plan for the class is that it will be a middle/high school level class for kids who have a music background, but aren't necessarily those who are going to major in music. The goal is to create original compositions or arrangments, to try them out as a group with whatever instruments we have, and, in the Spring semester, to take some of these and have them performed by my homeschool elementary and intermediate general music and piano classes.  I'm working on creating templates and assignments from various sources for the kids to work through. So far, most of what I've put up is pretty elementary-it's the kind of things I do with my piano kids when we have time. 

The goal is for it to be a flipped classroom where they do most of the work at home (and get feedback from me), and that we use our once a week session as a group music making session to work on our pieces, improvise, and try out techniques, but we'll see if that happens.  



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If they want access to the software for the summer trial, just send me the information. I still have around seats left, even after giving them to my students who are old enough to use them-Imdon'r have 50 students total in my program, and I'm not going to try to teach music notation software to my 3-9 yr olds! 


The class is what I'm working on for fall, so people using my classroom this summer will see my stuff, but are free to ignore it. 


Andrea Dow has some nice primer piano level composing books on Amazon. I have the studio licensed versions and use them for my younger piano students, but I do those on paper since the primary goal is to work on learning to play piano. 

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