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I've got a pain in my rear!

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Evidently, day 2 of week 6 on coolrunning.com's Couch to 5K works the very small muscles in my larger bum more than they've been worked before :eek:. Yowch! I didn't realize that running would actually work the bum muscles that much more than walking, but I suppose it makes sense. Are there any stretches I can do after I run to help lessen it?

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I never made it that far in the couch to 5k program to experience that, maybe that is a good thing. :D


Anyway, here is the first stretch I thought of and it should help.




This is one of my favorite stretches. When you go to this link there is one for another stretch (periformis stretch) and you may want to try that one also.


The big thing is to try and keep your hips on the floor to get the best stretch. If you lift your hips too much it will take the stretch out of the glutes/hips.

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I pulled something in my hip doing the Couch to 5K and needed a trip to the ER. Listen to your body and dont push a bad option. Drink lots of water to help flush the lactic acid. The type of stretch depends alot on what is hurting, where and why? Simple overuse will get better with Rest and Ice. But do take care of it. My injury is taking months to heal - soft tissue doesnt rebuild overnight in the over 40 crowd!

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