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Mobile version won't scroll today - anyone else?

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Since I got up this morning, the mobile version of the board (I read it in Google) won't scroll, so I can't read anything but the top thread, and then the top post in that thread.  If I navigate using notifications, it will go to whatever post was tagged, but then I can't scroll up or down.  I thought at first it was my touchscreen or something on my phone, but the touchscreen is working fine (even on the seemingly frozen non-scrolling WTM pages) - it works to click on things, I can zoom in and out with my fingers, can choose to quote/reply (to the top post) and I can type - just no scrolling.  And I can scroll in other mobile browser windows just fine.  It's just WTM's page.  I keep checking back thinking it was temporary, but now it's been half a day.  Things are fine here on my laptop.

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13 minutes ago, Melissa Moore said:

Hi Matryoshka, mine is scrolling fine with Google on my phone. Is this still an issue for you? 

It started working again last night. Gremlins have gone... thanks for checking! 

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