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Writing with Skill/Writing and Rhetoric sequence

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So if you look at SWB’s writing progression chart, she gives one option that would involve doing WWS and then following up with W&R levels 7-12. 

Does anyone have any thoughts into whether or not this would work?

Thanks for any insights you can provide. 🙂

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I was hoping that looking at the chart would give me more information to possibly help answer your question. I think someone who has used and is familiar with Writing and Rhetoric would have to chime in.  My guess is that SWB made the recommendation to use all 6 levels in 2 years because an 11th and 12 grader would be able to work through the lower level books a lot more quickly. I think focusing on forward progress, while acquiring general writing skills, research skills, etc., would be a better goal that trying to complete a set of books. I know this doesn't answer your question. I'm sorry I couldn't offer more help. 

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My 9th grader is making a quick pass through W&R 1, 2, 3, -skipped 4, just started 5.  My plan is to get through 5 and hopefully 6 this year.  Next year, if it's still working, I'm thinking 7, 8 and 9- possibly 10.  I dont know if they have all of them finished yet, but there are also 2 other programs by CAP that can be used after W&R.   

Why did I choose this?  This kid seems to be a natural writer.  After 2 years of Winning with Writing and 2 years of Essentials in Writing, I didnt feel we needed a program that focused on form.  I wanted a program that focused on sentence structure and the Sentence Play section has been great for this.  This kid also loves to write stories, so I thought some time spent on Narratives would be useful for her.   We are doing some history based writing as well, so shes still getting practice with 5 paragraph essays and longer research papers.

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