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North Star Academy online Christian school

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No reviews, but any of those types of schools I've looked at had too many drawbacks for the benefits. Any particular reason you need an accredited school? The only reason we did when I was looking was because we had a real possibility of moving into a different private school for 10th grade. The local public high school wouldn't have taken the credits from an online private, even if it was accredited.

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OP rigorous is in the eyes of the University Admissions people when they look at where the student is coming from. I do NOT think you should assume that accreditation ensures a Rigorous Education.  Probably minimal standards and there are some very inexpensive schools that have existed for 50 or 100 years or more that have the accreditation I strongly suggest you require, if you want accreditation.  And the 2 or 3 of those I can think of are IMO NOT rigorous in their requirements for an accredited High School Diploma. Very inexpensive and probably very high level education and very minimal. 

You could look, I think on CollegeData.com at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.  They have a list of Required courses and a list of Recommended courses.  I did not see that on any other schools I was looking at for my DD.    There is Rigor and then there is much more rigorous.

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8 hours ago, raindrops said:

I just assumed accreditation meant it ensured a rigorous education...   I like the school because it offers APs.  Our local districts only offer a few APs.

Accreditation doesn’t mean greater rigor. You can find online classes with high standards, including AP courses, that are not accredited, and you can mix them up with some home-guided classes if you wish. 

If I wanted to do a traditional high school program entirely at home but where I was largely hands-off and didn’t want to do any teaching, I would choose accreditation, because there are a few cases where it can make things a little easier in applying to college. And if I wasn’t going to be in charge of the homeschooling myself and the student’s transcript would have all of the classes from one school, then it makes sense to choose an accredited school vs. one that is not. 

So it depends on what you want, why you homeschool, and where your student might want to apply to college. I don’t know about that particular school, but the accreditation it has is one of the widely -recognized ones, so that is good if you do want accredited. 

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