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What is everyone doing to teach fine arts? Music appreciation, art appreciation, drawing, painting, pastels.......any of those things!

I'd love some resources so I can figure out a plan for us. I don't really want to cobble something together myself - I'd love something that is already done for me. 

I'd love something with DVD's or an online component (streaming - doesn't have to be a live class). 

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We are using the virtual instructor for Drawing I.  So far so good!  We are using the year long lesson plan. There are quizzes on the elements of art.  He has live weekly classes too.

Oldest dd took Filmmaking through Excelsior.

I plan on getting this lifetime access to  Music in Our Homeschool for Music Appreciation.https://learn.musicinourhomeschool.com/p/high-school-20th-century-music-appreciation

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Is this for high school?  If so, a college text you might use is the Roger Kamien text Music: An Appreciation, either with CDs or with audio of the same recommended pieces on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6A284D1773515E2F  

This works alone or if you wanted more audio explanation, you could add The Great Courses lecture series: How to Listen to and Appreciate Great Music


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