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Endangered Animals Ideas

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9 hours ago, Æthelthryth the Texan said:

One thing she might like is "adopting" an animal from your nearest zoo (if they offer that program), rescue organization,  or if not something like Adopt a Tiger from WWF: https://gifts.worldwildlife.org/gift-center/gifts/Species-Adoptions/Tiger.aspx?sc=AWY1800OQ18317A01909RX

It can definitely encourage a connection between kids and animals, the need for conservation, and investment in good causes (if those are anything you're interested in.) You might have other local rescues as well you could check out. Some offer tours- when my oldest was younger she was completely infatuated with a wolf rescue we would go to as often as we could. She would tell anyone who would stand still every fact imaginable about each wolf at the rescue, why wolves were important, etc. etc. It really made it a passionate subject for her. 

ETA- another reason this worked well for us, is that while communicating the importance and urgency of protecting the animals, it wasn't overly graphic like so many films can be- at least in our family for our lines on that. For kids some organizations were just far too graphic for us on what they put out there for children in the name of conservation. It's one thing to talk about poachers to a elementary kid- it's a totally different thing to show it in action or show wounded or dying animals. We got blindsided a few times on that not knowing we'd need to preview what we thought was a nature film. 

Excellet ideas!! I shall look into our local zoos and rescues right away. Thanks for the head's up about the 'too graphic' nature of some resources--good warning. 

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Your state should have infornation about what species are endangered in your particular place. Conservation organizations almost always have "Get involved" or "How can I help" pagrs on their websites. 

Nature centers and state or national parks near you will also have good information.


For scouts, my dd had to research this and make a presentation. 

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This may be too heartbreaking, but there are a number of scientists whose job it is to monitor and care for the last remaining individuals of a given species before extinction.  In many cases there is only one left, which they call an "endling."


There is some information about how they protect declining populations from predation by invasive species by creating "exclosures."  

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