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FYI - CC "fraud alert" phishing


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I received one of these in my junk mail box. It claimed someone tried to fraudulently access my CC and I needed to verify my information.  It was "apparently" from my CC company.  HOWEVER, because my junk mail filter in outlook strips all the links - the "account verification" (in the internet direct email version) - didn't show the *extremely* odd link.   based on that link - I reported it as phishing. (I refused to even open the link).

everything else looked legit (even the "sent from" address) - except for the fact no where was my name used.  I know when people used to do this with ebay fakes, they would take a real one as their foundation - so it would look real.

and, … I've had fraud alerts from my CC companies.  they have always called to speak with me personally and asked "did you make __ purchase? at X location, on Z date?"   (a couple times it has been "no".)  they don't ask my CC number - they have it!

when the answer has been "no, I didn't make those purchases" - they've promptly closed the cards, and issued me a new one.  one time I was referred to the FBI.  (I looked up the name/position/phone number I was given - and it was the local field office.)  apparently, a 'ID theft ring' got my information. I strongly suspect it was from a store CC application.

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I get similar phone calls. "We're calling from your credit card"

"Which one?"

"OH we work with all the credit cards, Capital One, Chase, American Express..."

"That's nice. Which of my cards are you calling from?"


"You called me. Which of my cards are you calling from THIS call?"

And when they try to go on with their spiel I hang up. if they can't identify my card they are not calling from my company. When I get real fraud calls they are very clear about who they are talking to, last 4 digits of the card, etc.


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