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Technique to learn from Screens?

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Is there are a learning curve to studying from digital resources? If so, how do you help your little guys over it? How did you or do you help your kids learn how to learn/study from a screen? I never imagined that this would be a problem. But it turns out that The Boys are awful with learning from a screen--eBook or Video. I'm not much better to be honest.

I noticed how so many others seem to supplement or even outsource the upper grades through digital computer resources so this doesn't seem to be an insurmountable problem, so I figure that we just need to figure out what we are missing.

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Some digital resources are better than others. My older daughter had trouble retaining anything from an online biology course even though I originally thought the format with videos and links would be great. She found it hard to go back and do homework without rewatching everything and note taking was tedious. So we switched to a textbook format. Many online courses have a choice of textbook or fully online. We found fully online to work better for language arts and history. If we couldn't find a textbook version of a course, like AP Biology, we would do the online course but purchase the corresponding textbook. There is definitely a learning curve and you have to take good notes.

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Both online classes that my dc are in where they only watch videos (no live teacher interaction) benefit immensely from taking notes as they go. The DO math class has a worktext with guided note-taking prompts and practice problems. The biology class we figured out the hard way when the first test came around and studying was going to mean re-watching all the videos. Oops. After that they started taking notes and reviewing them for completeness while doing assignments.

With isolated videos we watch, they benefit from discussion our additional reading, but that is generally ad hoc.

Basically, I think it needs to be reinforced with Writing/note taking and review of the notes. I don't remember if your dc are old enough to do independent (non-prompted) note taking?

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So, my son is very visual and screens generally help, but with screens I'm usually supplementing or repeating information that was learned in books that I've read to him.    It may be the process of reviewing the information in books on screen that works so well (Though my son tends to remember visual info better than auditory in general).

So, it may be best to use screens as a way to review and expand on information learned in books, since your sons seem to learn better that way.

But here's a second thought:

My son has a LD, and when he got tested I talked about the scaffolding I've done to add visuals to our lessons, but how maybe that was keeping him from learning to listen and use his auditory skills better, since he wasn't having to rely soley on those most of the time.   They said that when I was teaching anything that it was best to present it in the way that it's easiest to learn (so for him, as visually as possible), BUT that I should also have times where we work on the auditory by itself.  I shouldn't use auditory methods primarily to teach something else, but use it  specifically to teach learning through listening.  

So the same could apply to screens.   You shouldn't expect your children to learn anything just through screens initially, since they aren't used to learning that way, but you can use screens to teach how to learn through screens.  That doesn't mean you can't show them essential things via screen....just  make sure that info is reviewed through another method they're better at too. 


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