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  1. Bandaids on the nipples for long distances no matter the temperature or else they will bleed from rubbing on the shirt. Don't wear anything you haven't run in before to make sure it is completely comfortable.
  2. Nervy pain could be a herniated disc. I would get a CT.
  3. Lots of scarves, tights, and ankle boots that have a thicker sole that can work for work or casual. Pick a color scheme like black or grey with white. Everything goes together. Sweaters for layering. It's not Paris so she doesn't have to be too dressy. Young people shop at Pull & Bear or H&M.
  4. We made it to graduation with our two daughters. I only know two other moms doing high school. I have to say it is hard work, especially at the end when you are teaching, getting them setup for AP exams, and doing college applications all by yourself. If I had a third child, I'm not sure I could do it all again without a little break at least. I do love homeschooling though.
  5. I'm sorry you have been put in this position. To answer your question, I think the cremains should be scattered only where specifically requested. Based on this discussion, if I decide to be cremated, I will specify that the cremains be buried intact. I don't like the idea of being partitioned off at all and I certainly don't want to be a mantle decoration. If people routinely keep urns of their deceased loved ones, do these then get passed down to the next generations? I was raised Catholic so I was taught that cremation was wrong, but I think the church has changed its teaching to allow cremation as long as the cremains are kept together.
  6. Congrats Lanny. We just launched our younger dd today too. We still have one more week with the older dd but then she is back to uni too. Big changes ahead for us all.
  7. The Netherlands - The American School of the Hague, Wassenaar NL
  8. This looks interesting too. I'm looking for low/no impact ways to get fitter. Did your wife follow the food advice also? How much time does it take per day or week?
  9. Pulling off over the head seems pretty difficult to me since buttoned shirts are generally pretty fitted. Just when you think everyone does things the same way...😉
  10. She was rude. I would think most people drop off shirts unbuttoned rather than buttoned after taking them off. I've always done my husbands shirts myself and normally he throws them in the laundry basket unbuttoned. When he returns from a trip though, the dirty shirts are buttoned because they pack better that way and I must admit I dislike having to unbutton the dirty shirts. Usually I unbutton them when I hang them to dry and the ones that go in the dryer get unbuttoned to iron and rebuttoned (just the top three) to hang up. Maybe she is getting arthritis or something in her hands. Sorry you had a bad start to your day.
  11. Fitness Blender looks great! Thanks for sharing.
  12. It is amazing how much has changed. I'm currently driving a 2004 VW Sharan diesel van. According to new regulations in Brussels I won't be able to drive it after December of this year. So I am car shopping. My car has a DVD player but no USB or onboard GPS. The 2018 vehicle I'm looking at has all the cool digital stuff, onboard GPS, backup camera, and Park Assist. Apparently the car will park itself and you just operate the brake and gas pedal. I was excited just to be able to have a USB port. I'm not sure if it has a DVD player. My dh won't be too happy about that, but he won't be driving it much. The van I had before the 2004 VW had a cassette tape player only. They are trying to get people to give up their cars and use public transportation or ride bikes here. They are pushing electric cars too. The new one I'm considering is gasoline so I hope I'm allowed to drive it for ten years at least, but you never know.
  13. It's good to know. I had a bulging disc for years between L4 and L5. It finally herniated, I had surgery, and now I am so happy to be pain free.
  14. I want my girls to learn on stick just because it is useful to know both. Their drivers license here will indicate that they can drive stick. As said above many rental cars are stick shift and it just adds to your flexibility to get the car you want in high season if you are traveling in Europe. We always need a big car with four people and four suitcases so I wouldn't want to limit our choices even further by having to get an automatic. I currently drive a stick. I didn't drive for 8 weeks after back surgery because it is just harder to work both legs and both arms after surgery. My next car will be automatic for that reason, just in case. Again, I think it's good to have flexibility. I saw that meme and just thought it was funny. It reminded me of something I had seen earlier in a school situation where the kids couldn't read a clock with hands.
  15. I look for small zipper bags whenever I'm traveling. I think they make great souvenirs. so useful too.
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