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  1. When we switched to every other week and afternoons, we got a lot more teens. We do enrichment classes like Arduino projects, coding, robotics, art, public speaking. We don't have good facilities to do high school science. They are fine for elementary level science though. I would like to do math, but we have all the high school kids together in one class, so I'm not sure how it could work.
  2. We are doing AP Calc and AP English Lang. Dd is done with all her course work except one final for English. Otherwise all she has to do now is prep for the AP exams. It is definitely keeping her focused and the rigor up before senioritis can kick in. Also the school she is accepted to requires four passing AP scores and right now she has three.
  3. I never did understand that about the extensions. I couldn't do ours on time last year because of my back surgery and there was no way I could have figured out the calculations for the extension so I just paid the penalty. It wasn't too bad and it was only once in 35 years. Things happen sometimes. Just do your best.
  4. Monday- clean out the fridge vegetarian stir-fry with canned chickpeas (family actually really likes this) Tuesday- leftover stir-fry and salad with roasted vegetables Wednesday- instant pot lentil curry and brown rice Thursday- ???
  5. Definitely. One liked Saxon math, the other preferred online courses. Aside from grammar, I think we did everything differently for each of them. At least PE was the same; they both played volleyball.
  6. We went through 6A/B and then switched to Saxon 8/7. It worked well. Also I used the extra challenge books for the word problems. I loved those.
  7. Just make a simple table. Thirty-six rows with five columns. Each box represents one hour, for a total of 180 hours or one credit. This is helpful for courses that are open-ended like literature, art, PE, etc.
  8. There is a kit available on Amazon for this book. I purchased it but haven't worked through it yet. I was considering it for coop but we went with the Elegoo Arduino kit instead because I thought the kids would be able to do more exciting projects. Electronics Component Pack 1 - Second Edition Kit Follows The Latest Make%3A Electronics 2nd ed Educational Book by Charles Platt
  9. I like Birkenstocks but there are some nice Ecco mesh shoes that are almost as cool as sandals but a bit better for walking.
  10. A couple years ago they canceled the international June test date. I found out the night before I thought both dds were taking the test. They both had gotten emails a couple months before telling us we could do the May date, but they didn't read their emails. Ended up having to do the October one. Two more AP exams and then no more College Board for me.
  11. We used Core 100 for ninth grade several years ago. There wasn't any writing instruction, just assignments. We supplemented with IEW.
  12. Rick Steve's has great videos about traveling all over Europe and tips for traveling light. If you go with him on a tour, you can only bring a carry-on. You've gotten a lot of good tips already. Good walking shoes and a cross-body bag are my travel musts. A scarf is very good for Rome even if it is warm to cover up when you go into a church or the Vatican. I wouldn't miss the Tower of London. Shopping won't be a problem, but the food in Rome is amazing and you should try to have some dinners out. They eat after 8pm. And budget for at least one gelato a day unless you have an allergy or something.
  13. I would give 1/2 a credit for 90 hours of work. I think drawing schematics and brief descriptions of how something works would be sufficient documentation along with photographs and videos.
  14. Elegoo has a nice kit for Arduino. We used it in coop for the 10 to 16 age group and it was a big hit. The Arduino Project Handbooks volume 1 and 2 are good books to go with it. Parallax makes a nice robot kit for Arduino too.
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