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  1. We did the Author Profile papers and the Approach papers. I felt like it added a lot to the study of the book. I think we followed a schedule roughly like you have said there. I remember it being four weeks per book, and we did 9 books.
  2. I kept track of dd's hours participating in her volleyball club plus any other physical activity she participated in such as running, biking, horseback riding. Every 180 hours counted as one credit. We did this for two years. She had at least six hours of volleyball a week alone which gave her a full credit each year.
  3. I thought I had arthritis, tight hip flexors, etc. until finally I couldn't feel my leg. A trip to the ER and CT scan showed a 2cm herniation in a lumbar disc. They considered this to be a very large herniation. I don't think this is the kind of thing you can see visually. Two days later I had a microdiscectomy and all my back troubles went away, well after the recovery time of several weeks. But I was actually pain free immediately. It was so amazing. I feel like a new person. So I guess I'm trying to say you should stop trying to figure out what it is and get a scan. Then you will know for sure and can pursue the correct treatment for you.
  4. My dd did DIVE Chemistry with the BJU textbook. It was fine, but we weren't trying for AP level in this class. We've used a lot of DIVE math so we were comfortable with the format.
  5. Mine did well with Saxon, but the SAT Math Workbook was super helpful in learning the types of problems for the SAT. Little things like seeing formulas written differently, etc.
  6. We spent a weekend in Tallinn and wished we had more time. The ferry to Helsinki was fun too. We really enjoyed the Old Town area, the Seaplane Harbor museum, the KGB museum. We enjoyed our lunch at Olde Hansa in the Old Town. It's a merchant guild themed restaurant from the 13th to 17th century. The staff wears costumes and they serve simple food from the time period. Sometimes there is music.
  7. I've kept records from sixth grade through high school with work samples, book lists, and such. I still have some of the books, but have given a lot away too. I've kept all the math and science books which have come in handy for tutoring and co-op. It's hard, but there is only so much space. I don't do big purges, just wait until someone I know needs something that I have. We are overseas and its hard for people to get good resources.
  8. We use lavender and eucalyptus in a diffuser at night. A bit of lavender in a nice oil makes a good night time massage. I had an immunity blend that i liked a lot but I can't remember the name of it. It was from one of the big names. Peppermint is good too.
  9. One hour left in the English Lang test here in the Central European time zone. My dd also made jokes about not needing her calculator today. I think she felt weird leaving it behind. We have flowers ready for our new graduate. This has been a long three and a half hours for me.
  10. AP Calc is done and she was happy! One more to go.
  11. We've arrived in the Netherlands where dd will be testing. She is doing Calc AB tomorrow and English Lang on Wednesday. We are both ready to be done. I will consider her a high school grad when she comes out of the last test.
  12. We don't have bulletins anymore either. On the other hand, the sermon and everything else is online to view at any time.
  13. We've used it through Calculus with good results as well. I do know and understand math though and was able to assist at any time. There were a few times where I would pull a unit out of a standard text like Holt or from AOPS to clarify something that was being lost in the choppiness of Saxon. But overall I think it is a great option for homeschool. The solutions guide are very complete and error free. I tutor a student in Algebra 1 using Saxon. He likes it although the lessons are long and I frequently have to explain things to him, but that's my job.
  14. I use a journal and also write notes directly in my Bible. I write down the scripture references so I can write them in later, although I rarely get around to doing that. I'll just put a few words to remind me what the verse was for context. We don't sing hymns but if any of the words from the praise songs touch me in some way I will write those down. There is no perfect system, but this is what I've settled on.
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