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  1. I also wanted to do some decluttering but the recycling center and second hand stores are closed. I thought about offering some books for sale or free to co-op friends but there is no way for them to come pick them up. Plus I feel pretty unmotivated to make piles around the house. Real spring weather starts next week so that might change my mood and desire to spring clean.
  2. We are still hoping to fly to Texas to visit family this summer (from Brussels). We also have a house we need to start renovations on that is supposed to be our retirement home. It feels good to have a plan even though it might get cancelled like our March trip. I hope that my mom who lives in a senior living center can have visitors by then or maybe we can just wave at her from the street.
  3. I haven't driven my car since March 16th. Since then I've only been on walks and bike rides. My dh has to go to work still but teleworks every other week. He also does the weekly grocery shopping. My dds are home doing online university classes and haven't been anywhere either. All our socializing has been via Skype or Zoom. I'm thankful that it is sunny and when we go for exercise outside it feels uplifting. The first week was hard, but we are getting into a rhythm and have it better than a lot of people so I can't complain about anything. So far we only know of one person that is presumed to have covid.
  4. We are continuing a series on Revelation. Yesterday was about the church at Philadelphia. The connection with today is that Jesus wants us to be a sending church or one that spreads the Gospel.
  5. I thought the Honors Geometry was very good. But I had the student do all the printable worksheets in addition to the online exercises. There is plenty of work and reinforcement. The practice tests are very similar to the actual tests and an appropriate level of challenge. His videos are very entertaining.
  6. Belgian lockdown has been extended from 5 April to 19 April (the end of the Easter holidays). They may extend it again if necessary. No other restrictions have been imposed, just no more warnings before fines for being out. I'm not surprised. I really expected something stricter.
  7. Still doing okay here in lockdown. Grocery stores are still operating but there are restrictions on how many people can go in at a time. The rules about going outside for exercise are still vague and the police are asking for clarification. We expect an announcement tomorrow from the Belgian government that will extend the lockdown period and clarify or further restrict our ability to go outside. The police are asking for a one hour and one kilometer radius from home limit. I guess I might be walking in circles soon. There have been 220 deaths so far out of one 6000 confirmed cases. Anyone coming into the country is supposed to self-quarantine for two weeks. On a 90 minute walk today I only saw one airplane and it was very high so I think it was just passing over. There are very few flights operating out of Brussels.
  8. A couple days ago people were congregating in parks here because it was the first sunny day in a long time and the government did say to get outside and get some sun. Of course the government meant alone, not to go on a picnic! Well, the police are out enforcing now with fines and it's getting pretty empty on the streets. The same pattern seems to be repeating by you. We are just a little ahead.
  9. You can walk as a family closer, yes. In the urban areas police are watching and issuing fines. So they will stop you if they aren't sure and explain the rules. This is what I'm seeing in the news. Someone on our local facebook group was stopped while driving her adult daughter to the doctor because the daughter was sitting in the front passenger seat. She was supposed to be in the back seat. Should be no more than two people in the car but an exception is made for families with children. I imagine it is hard for police to know who is in the car so they stop you if they are unsure. Best to go out alone. We are in a rural area so I haven't seen much enforcement. People are definitely doing things like walking on opposite sides of the street. Lately I also heard sitting around on park benches is not allowed. So basically it is go out your door for a walk, don't sit down anywhere, come directly back inside.
  10. It depends on where you are. We are not supposed to leave the house except for essentials. Camping is not essential. Exercise is supposed to be walking, cycling, or running near your home alone or with one other person with whom you are always at least 1.5 meters apart. I guess if you are in an area which still allows recreation like camping you should probably go and enjoy while you still can. This is going to be a long haul.
  11. Brussels Charleroi airport is closed, but the main airport in Zaventem is still open albeit with greatly reduced flights.
  12. There is a long list of carriers that are no longer operating out of Brussels including Delta. There are Americans already stranded in some countries that State is trying to get back home but they are swamped. I believe they are trying to get more people to stop traveling. It would be hard to get out of Belgium even if we wanted to. They are also not doing any but the most urgent passport applications.
  13. Does that mean your dd is sheltering in place?
  14. Global Level 4 Health Advisory – Do Not Travel Global Health Advisory March 19, 2020 Level 4: Do Not Travel The Department of State advises U.S. citizens to avoid all international travel due to the global impact of COVID-19. In countries where commercial departure options remain available, U.S. citizens who live in the United States should arrange for immediate return to the United States, unless they are prepared to remain abroad for an indefinite period. U.S. citizens who live abroad should avoid all international travel. Many countries are experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks and implementing travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines, closing borders, and prohibiting non-citizens from entry with little advance notice. Airlines have cancelled many international flights and several cruise operators have suspended operations or cancelled trips. If you choose to travel internationally, your travel plans may be severely disrupted, and you may be forced to remain outside of the United States for an indefinite timeframe.
  15. People have suddenly realized they need potting soil to start their spring gardens. Just as people are home and deciding to do mass clean outs, the recycling centers have closed.
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