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  1. 50 dollars an hour but I allow free Skype sessions for questions during the same week within reason. I have found that I prep a lot before sessions and spend a lot of time doing reports, grading tests, making up extra practice, etc. that I don't charge for directly. I know they are getting a good value. I suppose someone who just shows up and goes over student questions without prep and doesn't do anything outside of the contact hours could charge less.
  2. We used the BOEBot Robot for Arduino kit from Adafruit very successfully in our co-op.
  3. In cold and flu season I bring a saline nose spray to keep nasal passages moist. Bring enough sanitizing wipes to wipe the tray table, TV screen, and arm rests down good.
  4. I loved Art Reed's lectures. But my dd liked DIVE, so we did DIVE.
  5. We've used DIVE streaming videos through Calculus. We like them. You should go straight to Algebra 1 after 8/7 if your student does well. There is a ton of review at the beginning of Algebra 1.
  6. I found that having an Instant Pot really helped make meatless meals from scratch easier. Tons of bean and vegetable curry type dishes which you can find recipes for online. I bought some cookbooks but find just searching online much easier. Just google Instant Pot vegetarian and you'll be all set.
  7. There is a really bad cold virus this year. Dh and I both got it. He was out of work for a week and he never takes off when he's sick. The coughing was terrible, headache, fatigue. I went to the doctor on day 10 and he confirmed it is just a cold but it is nearly bronchitis. He said that I'm still contagious as long as there is mucus being coughed up so I should not do my usual volunteer activities with kids for probably another week. I'm glad I don't have a job to go to because I think I would probably have to do that and still be infectious. It really makes you think about sick leave policies and how long we should stay home when having symptoms. This is also the first year we don't have any kids at home so we could just focus on being sick together. I've just started rewatching season one of The Crown so I will remember what's going on before starting the new season.
  8. Clonlara's website says, "Clonlara School’s Online Program provides a comprehensive distance learning option for students who are looking for “ready-to-go” courses. We offer a wide variety of self-paced, teacher-supported online courses for students in grades 6–12, with the added support of Clonlara advisors. Students can enroll full time, for a semester, or for individual courses.
  9. Clonlara has a one semester government class that is just fine to fulfill that requirement. It is asynchronous, very doable, yet still adequate.
  10. Our Corelle set is over 30 years old. dh loves them and doesn't want anything else. They do stack well and are light weight. Some of the decoration had faded off but that's about it.
  11. I agree completely. I also think that it's okay to be on your phones with other people in a restaurant sometimes. Like when we are traveling together and are together 24/7, looking at our phones is a little bit of downtime while still together. My kids are at university and it is so easy to keep in touch now. When I was at school, my parents rarely called "long distance." It was too expensive. When my dh was deployed we only had the rare, short phone call with that awkward delay. I hated it. Also for co-op I can seamlessly use my phone, tablet, mini-projector, laptop, and good "old-fashioned" white board markers to get the message across in the best way possible. We grew up with copying off the black board and there is certainly a lot of value in that as well. Now we have choices.
  12. I think you have to stop and buy a vignette when you drive into Austria. This might not be the case with a rental car. It's basically a road tax. Another thing to ask about. There are also low emissions zones in Germany where you have to have a special sticker to go into the area based on the emissions of your car. We have to do this for our personal car to go to Christmas markets in Germany. I never thought about this with a rental car. I also wonder how it works.
  13. Many of the cars in Europe are stick-shift so if that's a problem for you, request an automatic. You will need an International Driver's license from AAA. Also bring the rental agreement and proof of insurance if you're covered. Otherwise they will add insurance to the bill. Most of the roads are well maintained and well marked, but you will want to have a GPS. Crossing borders within the EU shouldn't be a problem, but you could double check with the rental company. It's much easier to get around by car than public transport. The hotel websites or Airbnb will have information about parking. Quite often it is pay parking. One thing we have in Belgium is a plastic blue disk for the car window. You put this in the window in certain areas with the disk turned to the time of arrival. Sometimes you get two hours of free parking and the police will check the disk in your window periodically. Other places have machines where you get a paper ticket with coins, credit card, or a phone app. Another odd thing in Belgium is priority on the right. This means that few intersections are marked with stop signs, so you have to yield to the driver on the right, which is sometimes easier said than done because your view may be blocked by hedges or something. You might want to study European road signs a little bit before you come. Rest stops on the highway are usually pretty nice with restaurants, coffee bars, snacks, and toilets. The toilets are pay so you need coins but sometimes you get a voucher you can use when you buy something. We use a credit card with a chip and pin to buy fuel. I've never tried to pay cash so I'm not sure how thet would work. Generally there are not border checks but lately Germany is stopping cars to check for passports. This is mostly about checks for illegal immigration. Overall, it should be fairly easy. I hope you have a great time.
  14. Dinner time was important to us as well so we usually had to wait until 8:00 to eat but I usually had dinner ready between 6:30 and 7:00 in hopes that dh might be home early. It meant a lot of time spent in the kitchen waiting, reheating, etc. Sometimes sports schedules made it even harder to eat together, but whoever could eat together with dh would wait to do so. Sometimes he would call and say he was going to be really late and we would go ahead and eat at 6:30, clean-up, and leave him a plate. It was hard but worth it. Now the kids are at university, so it's just dh and me. I eat when he gets home, but just keep my portion small. I can't eat a lot late anymore. Obviously, with small kids and early bedtimes, you just do what you can.
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