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x-post: Suggestions for adult to teach self Grammar?

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Looking for ideas of the best self-teaching book or resource for Grammar. A friend with a new baby wants to eventually homeschool and she would like to use the time between now and then to get solid with Grammar for herself, so that she will feel comfortable with teaching Grammar later on. She was looking at possibly going through Analytical Grammar, but I was wondering if there was a less expensive book or resource that was clear and concise -- and bonus points for free online / public domain! (:D

Suggestions? Thanks in advance! (cross-posting on the High School/Self-Education Board) Warmest regards, Lori D.

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12 hours ago, Slache said:

Is there a reason we haven't mentioned Harvey's? I think that's exactly what you're looking for but I haven't used it. It's a free, vintage, complete program.

Thank you! It was what I was thinking of! I just could *not* remember the author. But it's also great having all the other ideas, as you never know what will be *the* thing that clicks for someone. ?

Thanks everyone!

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