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bathroom themed wedding gifts?


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My cousin is getting married. I've scoured his wedding gift registries and decided on buying a shower curtain LOL. They had 57 items, 5 had already been purchased, and of the 52 left 3 had been marked "most needed" the shower curtain was one of those three "most needed" items, so that's what I bought. dontknowfixed.gif

But.. I want to add something to make it a little more special. What would you add? I thought of maybe a lovely candle and a special scented bar of soap... or? What? I made sure there were no other bathroom items on their registry. And of the three registries that they have there was not one other bathroom item listed. Not even the "already fulfilled" items. So I guess they don't need towels 


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I would add a liner and rings to the gift just in case they forgot.  (I'd put in a gift receipt if they really didnt need them)

I like the candle and soap idea.  Someplace like Bath and Body Works might have matching scents and a color that matches the curtain.

Do you have a joking type of relationship?  I've heard that Poo-pouri spray actually works!  And of course everyone can always use a new rubber duck! ?

Is the curtain just a pattern or a picture?  If it's a picture you could maybe add something related to the picture.

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