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Reading skills after Ordinary Parent's Guide?


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First post here...

My son has been reading since age 4 and really enjoys it. He is 7 now and spends a lot of time reading quietly to himself. However, I have started noticing a great reluctance to sound out words or names he is unfamiliar with. Do you have any suggestions on curricula that would follow naturally from the end point of Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading? We used the last third of the book last year (1st Grade) to get him more familiar with sounding out long, complicated words syllable by syllable. Any kind of workbook, curriculum, or other suggestion is greatly appreciated!

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I just completed a one lesson overview of everything in my syllables course, all the exercises on one page, multi-syllable phonics to the 12th grade level.  The whole 10 lessons course is about 10 hours to complete, this takes about an hour, a 15 minute video and the page of exercises.

So, you could see what you think!  It is a good overview before doing Don's Polysyllables, and it's free to use and print.

http://www.thephonicspage.org/On Reading/syllablesspellsu.html

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