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Lukeion Latin Conundrum (asynchronous Latin classes?) please help

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So DD13 loves Lukeion.  She took Barbarian Digrammarian a couple of years ago, then Latin 1 last year, and now is in Latin 2.  She's good at it, studies hard, and it's a fairly significant part of her self-esteem.

We've been moving a lot over the past couple of years and Lukeion is one of the few non-family constants in her life :)  She has no friends (because of moving and homeschooling).  We are about to settle somewhere for at least a year where she can attend middle school, and she desperately wants to do it (to make friends).  It's a very small town and I don't know that there are any non-elementary homeschoolers within an hours' drive, so I think middle school is probably a good option.  It is a good school.

The conundrum is this: Lukeion is synchronous.  We're Mountain Time, her class starts at 11am Western, and there's no way I can think of to get out of an hour of middle school once a week. I considered switching to the 9am eastern class (7am Mountain) but the middle school starts at 7:45 or so, so she'd have to miss half of every class and in the future Lukeion would not be an option anyway, as they don't always have a section of everything at 9am.

I hate to give up Lukeion completely in case the middle school doesn't work out - what if she hates it, wants to go back to homeschooling after the first semester, and we've given up on Lukeion?


So I guess what I'm looking for is either advice in dealing with Lukeion (do they ever allow asynchronous audits or students) or another online Latin that is similarly rigorous, preferably either asynchronous or just one hour earlier or later in the day.  Or something.

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Have you talked with the school? Maybe see if they can work a "study hall" into her schedule at the appropriate time and give her access to whatever tech she needs then? They may be willing to work with you. The course is a higher level than most middle schools would have available, so it's not like you're asking to do an online version of something she could just as easily do at the school. 

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So she started school in early Oct. and does like it.  Currently she's able to watch 10 minutes of the Lukeion class during her study hall. It's sort of kind of working and maybe we should just stay with Lukeion, try to soldier through the next semester with attending 10 minutes of class and watching the rest later, and then try to convince the high school next year to let her take it as an hour long study hall/elective?

If Lukeion says no, we won't let you do that, does anyone know of an online asynchronous class that uses Wheelock that she could do for the second semester of Latin 2? (with an eye to going back to Lukeion for Latin 3)?

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