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Hair Spray in Clothes Dryer ?


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OK, so. Yesterday I had a pen get into the wash & I didn't find it until after the dryer cycle was complete. There were ink markings all over the inside of the dryer. I didn't have any rubbing alcohol, so I used the closest thing I had, which was hair spray. I got all of the ink off the dryer, so that's good news. I then went over the inside of the dryer with a clorox wipe to get the hairspray residue out and left the door open to air dry. Well, today the dryer still smells like hair spray. I went over the inside with a Clorox wipe again a few minutes ago and I'm air drying it again. So, now to my question: If it still smells like hair spray after it air dries, what else can I try? Also, if I can't get the smell out, do you think it's okay to use it or will my clothes smell like hair spray?

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On 8/14/2018 at 8:33 PM, Pawz4me said:

I’d wipe it down thoroughly with a wet towel. Then I’d dampen a clean old towel and put it in and dry it. See if it comes out smelling like hairspray. 

Your idea did the trick! I wet a towel, wiped down the interior and then put the wet towel in there and ran if for an hour, and voilá - no smell! I have now dried one load of clothes and they simply smell like clean clothes, not hairspray! Thanks for your help.

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