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Cross posted: High School Math for student with dyslexia/handwriting issues

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know I read a thread (or more) on this in the past, but I am coming up empty while searching now that I am thinking about upper math for my kid with these issues.

Any suggestions of what worked? What didn't? 

One suggestion that I remember was acting as the student's scribe, so he/she can concentrate on the math, not the writing. I plan to do that.

I would love something that is written to the student, and it doesn't require me to be the "interpreter/teacher." I don't want to explain the why's of high school math; if I ever knew, I've long forgotten. I am fine working through the problems with the sudent; I am actually pretty good at working the problems...just can't explain it.

 Thank you. 

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Check out Unlock Math. My DD is working through their Geometry this summer and so far, I’m impressed. Students can take their own notes or download/print reference sheets for each lesson. Problems can be worked on scratch paper and answers input into the program. I think it could work well in your situation.

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