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Excelsior Classes Reviews

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Always start by checking the Master List of online classes that is pinned on the general board. The more people who post there & keep it updated, the more helpful it is for the rest of us. With that said, sometimes you get more replies with a targeted post. So far, however, you haven't gotten any replies, so I'll jump in.

Here's a post in the master list about an art class. Just a few posts down, I mention my DD#1 was taking a Chem class there. Recently, I posted a very brief comment about the class. I highly encourage you to email the teachers with any questions.

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Well, my DD loved Mrs Childress (Chem teacher). She enjoyed Chem so much that she's doing DE chem this fall (somewhat to see if she's interested enough to major or minor in Chemistry in college). They used a different textbook when DD took the class. I will repeat that it is not an honors class, but it does seem to be a solidly regular high school chem class. Good luck with your decision!

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Excelssior has only been around for a year or so (can't remember exactly now when Landry collapsed) bu most of those teachers cam out of Landry.  Some of the classes have changed a little bit but my kids have taken classes with Jodi Guerra, Marilyn Whitlock, Jess Woods, and Gene Doremus (actually collectively they've had multiple classes with these teachers because I just keep going back to them when the next kid is ready for the subjects they teach).  I would highly recommend any of them.  Obviously there are many other teachers there but I know these 4 are excellent and I fully expect they surrounded themselves with others teachers of equal caliber.

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