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Are SAT scores sent on labels to be affixed to transcripts?

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In Pennsylvania, one can issue one's own diploma or one can have an agency confirm that your students did the work you said they did. The agency will issue a nicely printed diploma and also complete the transcript for you.  I've decided to use one of these agencies.  

Something on the diploma agency's website caught my eye.  Here's what it reads in the FAQ section:

"What 'school number' should I use on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT forms?"
Use the number ###### on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT forms.  

"What is the advantage of using this number?
We receive the scores on a label that we can affix to the student's diploma transcript.



Hive, this is new to me. I didn't know that SAT scores were sent on labels to be affixed to the transcript.  Is that something that's normally on transcripts?  Do I want my student to use the diploma agency's number so we have this label printed and affixed to the transcript?  

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Not that I know of. Many public high schools use the Naviance system here and the guidance counselors just download the data and upload to Naviance. No labels at all. My friends’ children just get all scores (school, SAT, AP, ACT) showing in their school account and in their transcript. 

From CollegeBoard 

“Viewing and Uploading Data Files

SAT score data files are available to educators in the online score reporting portal’s Download Center. The TXT file format is fully compatible with Naviance. If you don’t see the Download Center tab when you sign in, request a file downloads role from your institution’s access manager.

Uploading Files to Naviance

Download the TXT file directly from the Download Center to your desktop or network drive.

Do not open the file in Excel prior to uploading it to Naviance; doing so will make the file incompatible with Naviance.

Upload the file to Naviance.”



From Naviance 

“Counselors can spend less time on paperwork and more time on people work with Naviance eDocs. Naviance eDocs allows counselors and advisors to securely send student application-related forms, including transcripts, letters of recommendation, school profiles and more, electronically to more than 2,000 colleges and universities.”


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Maybe the diploma agency is referring to this https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/educators/k-12/reporting-portal-help#printing-reports-labels-admission-tickets

”How do I print student reports, Admission Tickets, and labels?

Run a detailed roster report for a school. See Full Registration Roster.

Choose the Score Reports/Labels Printing tab or the Registration Report/Admission Tickets tab.

Check the box next to the name of each student you want to include.

Click Score Reports from Selected, Labels from Selected, or Admission Tickets from Selected.

For score labels, use Avery 5163/5963 labels or their equivalent (10 labels per page, 2" x 4"). To print correctly aligned labels, make sure the Page Sizing & Handling option is set to Actual Size when printing.

Schools participating in SAT School Day and using the test ordering website can order score labels for $100 per administration. An extra set of paper score reports is also $100.” 

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Bizarrely enough I found a reference to this.  It seems very inefficient and labor intensive.  I would think most transcripts are very computer generated.

However a sticker would let the scores stop being part of the official transcript after the application season.


As a homeschooled I just did our own transcript and sent official scores.  You get 4 free reports with each SAT sitting. We used fall senior year Subject Test sitting to send 4. Spring junior year SAT sent 4 to schools with earlier admissions windows. Then around $12 a report after that.  We spent over $100 on reports, but didn't pay for an umbrella service.

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