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Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind - High School?

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My dd14 did FLL and then we moved on to R&S English and are currently in book 6.  She really does not like R&S but we have books 7-10 to go through high school to complete grammar.  I came across SWB's new curriculum, Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind and noticed it says on store page:


"Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind, is a four-year curriculum that completes a student’s grammar training."


Does this mean that after you finish Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind, you do not need anymore grammar?  If so, I would like to just go ahead and switch over to that now and do it through the end of high school, although she would probably finish by grade 11.


Anyone know or anyone else doing this?

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We are using the first book now (for 8th grade). Each year covers all of the same grammar by using the same instructor's book, but a different workbook with different literary selections for the exercises. We will finish the first book and then reevaluate to decide if we want to continue. At the high school level, I prefer to review grammar through composition and foreign language instruction.


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To add, I asked this question in the pinned post about Grammar for The Well Trained Mind and Justin replied:


Rod and Staff is grammar and composition, and our curriculum is pure grammar, with no "composition" component--meaning that the books probably will NOT take the 120 hours per year to complete that are necessary for a high school credit. We would suggest awarding a half credit per year for the grammar books and another half credit for writing that the student does using a composition program, in order to come up with a full high school language arts credit.



We are already doing Writing With Skill and then will do some IEW by the end of high school completing the "writing" portion of the LA credit.  We are stoked about this!  DD is loving GTWTM so far and does NOT miss R&S.  Lots of relief in our house.


For anyone that is interested in the writing portion, we are following the alternative schedule SWB put out for WWS:


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