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Christmas gifts for 1 and 3 year old

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Hello! I've been doing some homeschool preschool with my 3 year old. Grandparents are asking for Christmas gift ideas for our 2 girls. We really have all the toys needed (I have a bit of a minimalist viewpoint regarding toys). I was thinking of asking for things that I'll need in the year ahead for "preschool." What are some suggestions? So far I was thinking a nursery rhyme collection book and cuisinaire rods for math play.

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I go through Timberdoodle's recs and pick out things.  They have pretty good picks for each age. 


Before K, we used:
-pattern blocks and cards

-Bambino luk

-part-to-whole puzzles

-Night and Day puzzle

-Sneaky Snacky Squirrel game

-play food (I like Learning Resources for being sturdy and realistic looking)


-imaginative play items: costumes, figurines, etc.

-baby soda bottle test tubes

-My First Microscope (Learning Resources

-nature study kit: jars, sunprint paper, press, rubbing crayons, notebook, magnifying glass

-small tools: grinder, hand drill, egg beater, hammer..


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I usually ask for art supplies, since my kids go through them so quickly. We can never have enough paper-- construction paper, paper of all sizes and weights, looseleaf and pads.


Crayons (I like the chunky beeswax ones for the youngest kids), highly washable paint and markers, pom poms, glitter glue, googly eyes, stickers (the puffy ones especially), paint brushes, water color pads, glue, craft sticks...


these are all things we would use, use up, and not have to worry about adding to the toy collection! And great for preschool fine motor, creativity, and fun!

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Not necessarily building your preschool supplies, but magazine subscriptions are great. We love Hello and High Five from Highlights, Babybug and Ladybug and Clickbfrom Cricket Media, and Zoobies and Zootles from Zoobooks.

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