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another math question

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wow..thank you...that's pretty convoluted



Not really. You just want to go back to basics with these things. So, you know (or can look it up, but you'd probably want to memorize it) that the sec is 1/cos, and that the tan is sin/cos, and that csc is 1/sin. So, you just plug in those things where appropriate, and then simplify. You probably want to make a habit of trying to simplify stuff whenever you have some equation with one of those things over another one of those things, or one of those multiplied by another one of those... often you can simplify it. 


(not a fan of sec and csc etc either, which is one reason I'd try to simplify them away if possible, lol)


ETA: also, this probably looks a bit less convoluted on paper than typed in a forum post, since on paper you can just cross out certain things etc.

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