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Looking for a wonderful space encyclopedia - recommendations?


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I'm looking for Christmas gifts for my littles, and I have a bright 7-year-old boy who's reading at about a fifth grade level and fascinated by space. I'd love to find a meaty space encyclopedia with plenty of material for engrossing reading, appropriate for that reading level. 


Special challenges: We are neither young-earth creationists nor secular, and those seem to be the two versions of such books out there that I'm finding. I'd love to find something that really sticks to the facts of what we know about space, without editorializing on purpose/design/lack of design, and particularly without speculative flights of fancy about alien races and terraforming Mars. (Seriously? It would cost billions upon billions of dollars to terraform Mars, and even then it would only last one generation.)


I don't know that there's anything out there that's explicitly old-earth creationist/intelligent design focused (that's our bent), so I'm looking for something I guess that stays silent on controversial points, so that we can teach all the different sides of those debates as we get further on in science.


Any recommendations? I'd love to hear ideas from the hive mind. :)


Thanks in advance!



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We have this book from National Geographic, and DD10 read it straight through.  She enjoyed it.  I don't know if it will be in-depth enough for you.  It mentions some of the historical speculation on space (aliens, etc.) and does speculate a little toward the future, but in general is matter-of-fact. 



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