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Starting Accountable Kids after the first of the year?

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Anyone interested in starting this with me after the first of the year? I mentioned this on the Flylady thread that I do every day but I know not everyone that would use this uses that system so I thought I would start a new thread. I started this 4 years ago with my older son but it was a month before I had my younger son and when he was born, it stopped and here we are. So I want to start it again. It worked really good then... till I gave birth. 


If you don't know what it is, here is information: http://www.accountablekids.com/program.aspx


So who is with me? 


BTW I am asking now as there are parts that go with it that might need to be ordered. Better to ask early then late and have people want to join but don't have the stuff. ;)

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It is for any age. They talk about all ages in the book. I just picked it up again (had it out to read it over our trip next week) and it has stuff in there for older kids. My oldest is 9 and I KNOW he can benefit from this. So unless there is a huge difference between 9 and 11 I bet you would like this program. 

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