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Latin Alive 3

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I'm on my phone so I can't check it, but there is a Latin Alive Yahoo group. We're still using 1, so I'm not sure how much they have in files for 3.

Thanks for the info! I quick joined that group and checked but there are almost no files for LA3, oh well. I had contacted CAP earlier and they suggested just making some vocabulary tests, but even that takes time, so I was hoping there was someone who had already done the work for me.  :blush:

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Can't help too much, but if you search on Quizlet for "Latin Alive 3", you'll find people who have already made lists for several of the chapters. There is a "test" feature where you can choose multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching or true/false, whether to go from Latin to English or the reverse, and how many questions you want (out of a total of however many vocab words have been entered). (Click "options" at the bottom of the page after you choose "test".)


Can be used to study, too.

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