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WWE/FLL and writing


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I don't know why I can't figure this out.


If you have your child/ren do all of WWE and FLL, do you have them do any writing or narrating beyond those?


Right now, I have DS8 doing FLL3 3 times a week, doing copywork and dictation as included. I was trying to do narration through other subjects, but it's Not. Getting. Done. so I was considering jumping back in mid way through WWE 2 (we did some last year).


I could use the WWE rotation with his lit reading to reduce the amount of time across subjects.. but I think I really need a try open-and-go resource right now (see: 1 year old)


But then what about spelling? Copywork/penmanship?


I started having him do "animal reports" recently too, because I felt like he wasn't doing enough writing. He'll read one page of a kids animal encyclopedia, then write 3 sentences about that animal twice a week. He's doing well with that, but I'm concerned about him learning things like how to summarize a passage or find the main point (like WWE focuses on).


And we're not doing any other copywork or dictation beyond what FLL requires, and I want that to change. But when you add spelling words into the mix, I get a little jumbled as to how much work that all is. Of course spelling isnt getting done much now either...


Which is why part of me wants to get a cursive workbook and just say "do 10 minutes" everyday to make sure something gets done. But then possibly do dictation and spelling on top of that?


I feel like the answer is just within my reach, but can't tease out the details. Help, pretty please?

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I'm not quite sure what u are asking, but here's my answer.


We did do WWE, FLL, Spelling, penmanship before. Only did dictation through all about spelling. Did have my son orally narrate from 2 science picture books a week for a while. But since he didn't seem to have a problem with it we stopped narrating picture books.


I would go back to WWE for a while and stop narrating other stuff. Then go back to narrating other stuff after a while.


Hope this helps.

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Here's what my dd-8 is doing. We're in FLL 3 and WWE 3 now.


We do FLL 3 but skip the copywork/dictation exercises. The narration exercises are oral.


We are doing WWE 3 workbook as written. However, right now we're at half pace; two days per week. Then we spend two days on cursive handwriting. Once she knows how to make all of her letters in cursive, we'll drop handwriting and go back to four days of WWE.


SOTW - she gives me an oral narration and I type it. So she's getting the composition experience without having to do the extra writing.


Apologia Science - last year she gave me oral narrations and I typed them, just like with SOTW. This year we are using the notebooking journal so she is writing her own narrations, but the pages only have lines for just a few sentences. She still has to answer questions about the text orally.


Spelling - we are using R & S which requires minimal writing each day

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We do WWE3 as written and Killgallon on Fridays.


We do FLL3, but no optional parts and dd has to draw the diagrams from scratch.


We do spelling two or three times a week almost exclusively spelling tests that require little to no additional writing.


We do SOTW three times a week. She narrates orally and no one records it, so it only exists between us.

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We do WWE and FLL.  We do spelling separately, but it's not a lot of writing.


And we do SOTW, and they each do narrations (well, the K-age one doesn't yet.)  The 5th grade writes his own narrations and the 3rd grade dictates them to me.  And yes, we're running a bit "behind" with WWE.  Oh well.

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Thank you all for your responses!


I remember now, reading or hearing somewhere, that SWB wrote writing exercises into FLL because WWE not yet been written yet. So, if doing both, omit the writing lessons in FLL.


So I'll do that and take dictation and copywork from WWE only (probably shortening the dictation a bit).


I had forgotten about the possibility of doing spelling rotating lists instead of a set number of words every week - that would make doing spelling 3 times a week more successful, I think.


I'm starting to get a clearer picture in my head now, thank you all. :) Any additional examples or suggestions would be appreciated!

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