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It looks like I am going to end up homeschooling ds8. Unfortunately I also have to work and I have to be seen to be doing some academics straight away.


I am thinking


EiW3 - I have it, it is short, it was confidence building for ds10 when he did it so hopefully it will make ds8 feel more confident too.

2 half hour reading sessions

MM3 - I have. Plus some stuff from the textbooks for SM3 and ending with BA3A (no more than 15 mins to start) Prodigy and an on line times tables sheet.

History - continue SOTW with brother at night. DVDs and books.

Science- magic school bus etc, books.try nature programmes

Daily walk/scooter ride, weekly gym, trampoline. May add other things next year.


Other than that a lot of craft stuff, lego and general toys when I have to work.


It isn't ideal but right now it is the least worst.


Any feedback? Ideas? If I work 3 hours 7 days a week plus a second 3 3 days a week it should work. I will probably pay for care for him a couple of mornings a week with a neighbour but later I would like him to be able to manage the church kids club or after school care at least once a week to be with other kids and give me time with ds10.

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Now all out but soon about 50/50 and eventually about 20/80 out/at home. He can come with me but can't do much except sit at a computer or watch DVDs and it is badly lit and cold. I'm hoping I can do an hour before he gets up and another 3 spread throughout the day 6 -7 days a week.

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One of the jobs I had at home, I had to work in 3-4 hour chunks. It worked best when I did lessons with dd first, then had independent work she could do next to me while I worked my chunk. her work could include practicing spelling words or math facts, reading an assigned book, doing a math page, book basket (could include history and science books, as well as fiction that extended topics), label a map, listen to an audiobook while playing with a puzzle (educational or otherwise) or legos, etc.


I can't remember everything, but I'm in the position again with my 1st grader and I'm trying to come up with workable chunks for her since 3-4 hours are not going to work. I do find working in chunks works best as both student and parent can have the time to focus on a task, but  it can take time to build up those chunks of time so they work well for your situation.

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Math Mammoth has some online videos for learning times tables (or is that what you were already referring to?). Maybe DC can watch those for part of the time you're working.

I will look at those. The work is naturally broken up - process orders, pack orders, emails so provided I finish each bit in one chunk not doing it all in one go is OK. For now I have to do one 5 hour day and one 3 hour day I can't take him to but my neighbour will do most and family and friends should be able to do the rest. I was hoping to keep in school to Christmas but it isn't working.

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