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DE Env sci instead of Chem senior year?

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Ds's section of Chem was cancelled & he's in the 8 AM section now.

He's not a morning person & will have to go in early at 7 with dh on his way to work.


Toying with having him take Env Sci & lab instead (it meets later)- seems ridiculous, but really, not everyone does mornings well.


He plans to major in Computer Sci & will likely have to take the Chem eventually anyways. But some just require a lab science, not specifically Chem.


For high school he has: Earth Science (required here, I know other states do that in middle school), Bio with lab, Physics with lab already. So he really just needs "any" lab science senior year.


Will colleges specifically want to see Chemistry? (It seems weird to me to have it missing)


Um, classes start tomorrow, we just came up with this idea, so he'd needto add drop first thing in the morning.

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Looks like the rate myprof reviews just sealed the deal. Chem prof has terrible reviews, Env sci prof great ones. (Not thatI believe all of those, but still..)


He can take another lab sci in the spring too, Geology or something that fills a gen Ed too.


Now, fingers crossed he gets the last open seat in the class.

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