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WWS level 1 or 2?


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My rising 8th grader has been using IEW for the past 3 years. After 8th grade she will start either a private or public high school. 


I need a writing program to use with her for this year only. She is an average writer but has a good grasp on grammar having done R&S for the past 3 years. 


I have WWS level 2 but am wondering if we have to start at level 1? Or does anyone have a better recommendation for a one year only program?



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You could do WWS1 double pace. That's what I did with my dd at that age. 


IEW does have a program that would work (name slips my mind), but I like WWS1/2 pretty well. 


Make yourself free to skip things she doesn't need, etc.

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