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  1. Perhaps another angle of this to consider is that if he hates academics and doesn't want to do those types of classes, maybe a 4 year university is not what he would choose either? It very well might be, but it is something to think about and discuss with him.
  2. No, she will not be aiming for selective schools and will not be going abroad. I am in the middle of requesting test accommodations for her with ACT and then will move to SAT if she needs to take it also. She has an official diagnosis from a neuro psych so I hope that does it. Thanks for the encouragement, I just didn't want her to end up applying and have a decent/good GPA but a poor test score and have her transcript questioned. She will do some dual enrollment for her junior and senior years which I guess will help to confirm her outside the home abilities.
  3. Hello everyone- I am wondering what you would do in this situation. My daughter (currently a sophomore) takes some of her classes at an accredited homeschool hybrid and some at home. She does well in everything except math in which she has a learning disability. As of right now her transcript will be unaccredited I do have the option to go through a local accrediting group and then she would graduate with an accredited transcript. Normally I wouldn't be too concerned about this but with her math disability I expect her to have issues with either standardized test. I don't know if a "mommy transcript" with a possible low test score will cause her issues? The biggest cons for me with doing the accreditation are the large amounts of extra work, extra cost, inability to make a class honors, and they also are unable to call a class AP on the transcript even if it is taken by an organization that offers official AP classes. Would you accredit or take your chances!? Thanks!!
  4. He is working with 3 different organizations and living with local families. Hoping it is a great experience for him!!
  5. No he actually will not continue with Spanish his senior year but this could go on his senior year transcript, since he has already completed his junior year.
  6. Hello- My son is a rising senior and has completed through Spanish IV. He is doing a one month full time language immersion internship in South America this summer and I am wondering what you would do with that on a transcript. I think the options are- advanced Spanish conversation, Spanish V, Spanish immersion, etc. Another option would be not to award credit at all and include it as an extracurricular choice? What would you do? Thanks!
  7. So I looked into the high school's math where she will be going. All freshman take algebra. The school uses a block system and algebra is usually only half the year (crazy!) but a student can also take it spread out over a whole school year where it counts as 2 classes instead of just one. I have no idea how this affects grades. Currently this year she is only taking science and history at the hybrid school. I did not want to her repeat the same math class there again and that was the only option they had for her. i don't even know what the school will consider her, as the hybrid school is actually accredited which makes it look like a private school. But she is only part time there, so officially she is like a part time private school student and part time homeschooler? I'm not sure starting this year at the middle school would work, as school has already been going for a month so she would start out very behind. How would I go about finding a tutor with experience in math disabilities? Thank you all for your help and input!
  8. Thank you more than I can say. I am truly clueless about this. I do have the official report, she emailed me a copy tonight. It says she has a math disorder with a specific ICD code. I have to say it looks quite overwhelming!
  9. Thank you! Well, I think she said math processing disorder and she didn't feel like it was dyscalculia because she said her basic math facts were good and she has a good grasp on numbers. I still wonder if that is the actual diagnosis though? She did fine up to about 6th grade math and then when it got harder she could no longer keep up. She can follow a basic formula but I have the sense that she really doesn't know the why behind any of it. She has been doing Saxon and was in Course 2 last year and failed the second half. She attends a homeschool hybrid program. The testing was not through the school district but the psychologist did recommend an IEP for next fall, how do i go about getting that set up now?
  10. Can you all help me figure out what to do with this new diagnosis? It is my just turned 14 year old who has been struggling with math over the past couple years. We finally did testing and the psychologist diagnosed her with a processing disorder, specifically in math. She is home this year but plans to attend the local high school next year where she will have to take algebra. I need help and recommendations on what to do with her this year to get her ready. She is weak on place value, decimals, fractions, long division, and anything with beginning algebra. She is super creative and quite good at grammar, vocab, geography, history, etc. I know she won't be a math major but I need to make sure to help her as much as I can this last year at home. Any thoughts or help...please!
  11. If you know where you want to go I would see what airline you are most likely to use to that destination and use their card.
  12. My rising 8th grader has been using IEW for the past 3 years. After 8th grade she will start either a private or public high school. I need a writing program to use with her for this year only. She is an average writer but has a good grasp on grammar having done R&S for the past 3 years. I have WWS level 2 but am wondering if we have to start at level 1? Or does anyone have a better recommendation for a one year only program? thanks!
  13. Thanks for the ideas, they all look good! If i were to use one of these for her grammar, what would you then choose for writing for one year? She has done IEW up until now.
  14. We have done Rod and Staff for 3 years, and my daughter would like to try something new this year. She is in 8th grade and this will be our last year homeschooling before she transitions to public high school. Any ideas of a great program to use for 1 year?? It could include writing as we need something for that as well. Thanks!
  15. We live in an area of about 97% totality but are going to drive a while to get to a 100% spot. Planning to just drive there in the morning and back when it is over. Schools in our area are being let out 30 minutes late that day due to the timing of the eclipse lining up with school dismissal!
  16. That is a good thought also. I am thinking if a parent really needs to live with us that they would take our main floor master bedroom and we would move downstairs.
  17. This would all be permitted, and would most likely be a living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette. The bedroom would have real windows as would the kitchen area. There is also a room that would be an office or some undetermined space. We had also looked at making it into more of an actual apartment space with a bedroom suite but that seemed more limited in use, at least for our family. The septic tank size would be an issue, as we are on septic and would likely have to increase the tank. I wonder how much that is!
  18. We don't NEED the space, we have lived here 3 years just fine with the space we have. But our parents are aging and it is likely at least one might need to live with us. It is a large, dry space with normal ceiling heights and a walkout door. I'm wondering if you have finished a basement and how it impacted the value of your house? I read that below ground square footage is not worth the same as above ground so I don't know how much it would raise the expected price of our house. Also for what it is worth we are not planning to move anytime soon.
  19. My dd will be in 8th in the fall. She is not a strong math student, in fact we are meeting with a psychologist to do some testing as i think it is more than just normal struggle. She understands topics during daily work but then can not pass a test. Also has difficulty with mental math. I am thinking it is some form of dyscalculia. Anyway, I am looking for ideas for math for her for 8th grade. She has been doing Saxon (the school version), and is in Course 2 this year. I would like to cement concepts as she is planning to start at our local public high school for 9th grade. Any help would be great! thanks!!
  20. Thanks everyone. A lot to think about but I think I am leaning towards Alg I, Geo, Alg II. I really appreciate all the information and opinions!
  21. Would it be a mistake not to get through Calculus if he might be considering computer science? Does taking geometry inbetween cause issues with forgetting? It seems smoother to take the 2 algebra classes and then geometry? thanks again
  22. I know there has got to be a thread on this but I searched and haven't seen one. Could you please tell the pros and cons to one or the other? My son is in Algebra II this year, is not a particularly "mathy" child but doesn't struggle with it either. I am wondering if standardized tests favor one order vs. the other or if there is something else I am not thinking of. The hybrid school he attends also suggested taking both concurrently as an option if he wants to make it through calculus in high school. This sounds kind of horrible to me! At this point his career interests are business or computer science. Thanks for the input!
  23. Wondering about one of these teachers as well... anyone had a class with them? Thanks! (sorry, it's an old post I just noticed, but I still would love an opinion!)
  24. I love my big down comforter. We have a sheet, a thin down blanket, and a big down comforter for winter. It is so warm that I usually end up flinging off the comforter some time during the night. I really love them!
  25. Yes, I get this. I did not know it had a name. I was on a 2 week large ship cruise and it lasted afterwards for probably a month! It was especially bad in small rooms without windows, like a walk in closet or pantry. I was then on a sailboat for a week and it lasted afterwards for just a few days. it is annoying, but for me it does eventually go away.
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