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Live MCT courses?


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900 what? Dollars? As in....US Dollars?


I'm thinking this is a mistake, right? 900 USD?!  Fsor an elementary level class delivered over the internet?!

Throughout this year-long course, Michael will provide plenty of practice, occasional online classes, and perhaps even a surprise or two.



OCCASSIONAL? For that price, the man had better be online with the highest def camera and greatest mic known to mankind!!! I find this to be absurd!



Student Support:

I will be available via email.  (Uhm for 900 dollars I'd really like set Virtual Office Hours with IM function at the very least. Web cam or phone is preferable.)

I may reply to your answers with comments or questions, and I will want you to answer those emails.

Students will need the Level 1 texts: Grammar Island, Building Language, Sentence Island, The Music of the Hemispheres, and Practice Island. Students will also need to have an email account. (I can not tell, but this sounds like the materials are not included! Do you really have to buy the series in addition to the $900 dollar tuition?)

Students should have be able to read to learn. (I'm sorry, but this poor GRAMMAR in the description for a 900 **Elementary level* GRAMMAR class is a touch ironic, no?) 



Wow. Just wow.


Maybe I'm in the wrong field!

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The same company offers year long Spanish/ASL classes for 650 that include office hours, email support and regular online classes.


That's still pricy but at least you're learning a NEW language and given the course description it seems a much fuller class covering culture, history, etc...


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