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Regarding AP Art History, I'm not sure which Gardner's Art to purchase: Global History 1, Gobal Hiistory 2, Western Perspective?  Which version?


I've looked at previous posts about AP Art history on this forum before, today I/m just not finding the information. 


I'm interested in a resource to purchase printed art cards for the 250 required works, any ideas?


Many Thanks,


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I bought the one volume, hardback edition-if you go for the split edition you will need both.  The book is mostly chronological so buying only one volume would leave you missing half the course.


I tend to buy single volumes of most texts like art history or world history that are often split in two volumes. Two volumes are usually more expensive on total cost, but can be much easier to manage when reading. The binding on my Gardner volume is nowhere near being as sturdy as the binding on my equally large Stokstadt volume. I usually ask my student to read the huge texts at the table as opposed tossing it on their bed or the couch.


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