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  1. Has anyone used Declaration Statesmanship by Ferrier and Seeley? I have questions bout the timeline exercise.
  2. I do have the needed books now. Though I'm wondering if there are sources available for testing or quizzing that correspond with Gardner's Art Through the Ages, 13th ed.? Haven't found much so far.
  3. thanks to all of you! swimmermom3 thanks for the link to the complete volume! Planned to be completely ready for the school year one month ago, things haven't gone as planned!
  4. Hello, Regarding AP Art History, I'm not sure which Gardner's Art to purchase: Global History 1, Gobal Hiistory 2, Western Perspective? Which version? I've looked at previous posts about AP Art history on this forum before, today I/m just not finding the information. I'm interested in a resource to purchase printed art cards for the 250 required works, any ideas? Many Thanks, Cathrynlyn.
  5. I applaud you, it's not easy to take that step and find new activities for your daughter especially when past friendships have been more than unpleasant. If you use a Facebook page you should be able to block all the names of the people in that family and others. Your waiver could include conditions regarding behavior such as bullying, either in person online, respecting property. Specify how many chances a person gets before they get booted out of the group. And make sure there are guidelines for how to behave for instance if it's a library tour they should not be talking and giggling through most of it. And since you will be the main chaperone it's easier to enforce these things rather than when each person is with their own parent. Unfortunately not every parent pays attention to how their child is acting in these public situations. Good luck!

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    VideoText Algebra modules D, E, and F. prefer VHS in working condition or older edition DVDs


  7. Thanks to all of you for the suggestions. An online class sounds ideal, but probably not in my budget.
  8. Hello, My dc, who will be a junior, wants to study Spanish language. Im seeking suggestions for an entry level course. I don't speak Spanish. My dc know some basics​. TIA Cathrynlyn
  9. Thank you for your advice. Does Gardner's correspond with the 250 art works?
  10. What resources have you used for setting up a AP Art History Course for your student? Thinking of using Khan Academy, some Practice Exams, and something that teaches writing for art history. Has anyone done notebook with this subject? TIA for sharing your ideas.

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    Fix-It 3 Frog Prince Teacher and Student books


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