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Adapting SWB's "History of the Ancient World" for 6th

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We are re-enrolling DS in a virtual charter school (pulled him out in 2015 due to a medical crisis with my youngest) and therefore have to give at least minimal attention to the state history standards. 6th grade is ancients, which I'm fine with him doing. He has previously completed the SOTW series, MP's Famous Men of Greece and Famous Men of Rome, and K12's Human Odyssey series.


I think he could easily handle reading SWB's History of the Ancient World but I'm not sure about the study guide from the brief sample on CBD. We need some sort of work sample to turn in for the charter, though. For SOTW we turned in the tests and the MP Famous Men the student workbook. With K12 HO, we used the Critical Thinking Co. World History Detective. These were all quick, get 'er done, and acceptable to the charter as work samples. I'm looking for something along those lines.



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There's a plethora of middle school materials on ancients and mythologies, so redoing SOTW is very doable. I think we did it in 5th. 


Going by memory, I know we did a lot of comparing/contrasting myths, both different versions and different ones from around the world. 


I think we used Knowledge Quest map work instead of SOTW. 


We read the full version of Gilgamesh. Some people aren't comfortable with that in the middle grades, but you should be fine if you were considering History of the Ancient World. 


We googled for assignment ideas on various topics, that was very helpful. And we did get some ideas from the SOTW activity guide, things that we could add to or expand on. 


And, of course, return to the source: read the middle school section on history in Well Trained Mind. You will get a long reading list, plus ideas on how to document learning. 

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 I think we used Knowledge Quest map work instead of SOTW.


That's a great suggestion as it's not a resource I've used with him previously. I'll have to be selective about which maps to include since they're not all secular, but I think this would work for the charter.

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