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anyone have digestive issues


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I'm not even sure that's what i'd call this.  around the beginning of this year I started getting a VERY bad pain right in the middle of my abdomen (I think) just under my breast bone.  It has happened 4 times total.  Each time getting worse, except this last time the pain in the middle wasn't AS bad as before but it lasted much longer than usual.  I went to ER the last time because the wanted to make sure it wasn't my heart and it wasn't.  I had an ultrasound of my gallbladder this time and they found "a rather large stone" but no inflammation of my gallbladder.  Doc wants me to see a surgeon about having it removed which i'm doing in a couple of weeks.  Previous to this the doctor diagnosed the pain as gastritis.  After the ultrasound she told me that she didn't know if the gallstone was the cause of the pain hence why she wanted me to see a surgeon.  I don't think it's my gallbladder as the pain wasn't on my right side and it didn't go around to my back this time.  With this last one I was so sick.  I had a headache and threw up but I don't know if I got the headache because I didn't eat and then threw up because of the headache.  Anyway, it's 5 days later and i'm still not 100% myself.  That pain is gone thank the Lord (she has me on some medication calld scuralfate which coats my stomach.  I guess i'm just asking if any of you have ever had anything like this.  I'm 55 years old and except for the normal sicknesses I've never had anything wrong with me and so i'm pretty scared that it's something bad.

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Yep, I have this, along with several years of chronic nausea. Like four years of morning sickness without the relief of childbirth at the end of the tunnel. Mostly it feels like a rock under my ribs, but it has radiated to the back.


And reflux. Horrible reflux.


Mine is not gallbladder, as confirmed by ultrasound, HIDA scan, and now CT scan. Possibly ulcer, although the GI is now treating it as IBS/bacterial overgrowth, I guess causing GERD and gastritis, because I always have three-ish weeks of sweet relief when I have abx for dental work or whatever. If that doesn't help, who knows what's next.


I'd try to get in with a gastroenterologist. They may want to get the gallbladder out first, or look at something else instead.


My grandmother (with similar issues) used to say "all women feel like this". My GI doc sadly laughed and shook his head and said, "Nope, not normal."

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