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Free website of blogs sites that allow visitors to submit docs


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I'm looking into this for a friend, not sure if I blog would suffice or if they need a website. They want to have an informational page, but allow visitors the option of submitting document files that would remain private, so only the admins of the site could view them. It would need to be more professional than just leaving something in a private comment. 

If necessary, they might be willing to create a specific website just for the site, but I know they'd rather have everything self-contained. 


I'm familiar with blogger and wordpress for blogs. But what about free webhosting sites? Is Wix a good site? What about others? 

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Could the admins set up a Dropbox?


Probably, I'm not familiar enough with Dropbox. Does it allow documents from multiple users to be private. Basically, this person wants a place where students can submit abstracts, but it's not tied to one school, hence the independent page. 


Why not a FB page?


I think they want something not on social media, although I can see how a FB page in conjunction with their site would be helpful. 


I'll look into these ideas, thanks. 

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I'm not sure if this would fit what they are looking for. But you can use a Jotform form on a website. they have the option to attach files and send it to the admin email. I use this so that people using my contact page can attach files through the site without my having to set up anything fancy.

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