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Looking for Online Speeches of Antiquity & found treasure-trove history Site!

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I was looking for some famous speeches of antiquity online so I wouldn't have to purchase yet another book.  Lo, and behold I found this gem of a website: EmersonKent.com (World History for the Relaxed Historian).  I don't think I've ever seen it mentioned here before.  It has more online historical speeches I've seen yet.


In addition to world famous speeches, it has copious lists of:

  • People in History
  • Wars, Battles, & Revolutions
  • Governments in History
  • Historic Documents
  • Historic Places & Locations
  • All-Time Records in History
  • Source Text
  • Source Documents
  • History Dictionary
  • People & ThematicTimelines
  • Archaeological Records

It's quite a massive treasure-trove of historical information. 


Oh, if you're also looking for a great supplement to your Bible studies, then Biblical Archaeology Society's website is for you. I've mentioned this one before.  It has quite a few nice, free, academic ebooks you can use for unit studies (thinking middle/high school here).  I've downloaded one or two to use next year. I also subscribed to their free Bible History Daily review which chronicles new archaeological finds and articles related to biblical studies.

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