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  1. You know your child is homeschooled when they called adjectives and adverbs to clothing accessories.

  2. Lost a baby squirrel and for some reason I feel horrible like I lost my precious cat boyboy. It was found us and was only with us a few days but for some reason it hurts bad.

    1. RootAnn


      *hugs* The whole family felt terrible when the baby bird we rescued died after seemingly passing the hurdle of the first several weeks. We just successfully rehabilitated a butterfly with a torn wing & gimpy leg and letting it go was hard, too. *hugs again*

    2. TeaCookiesBears
    3. GailV


      Awww, I'm sorry. Each little life seems so precious when it touches us that way. We have a nest of baby birds in the garage and feel like we can't close the garage door during daylight until they've flown away -- awkward when going to lessons, running errands, etc.

  3. This thread has been extremely wonderful and helpful to me so much so that I was able to write a rough draft for my dc writing curriculums during the late middle school to high school years. I even bit the bullet and purchased D'Angelo's book,Classical rhetoric and The Lively Art of Writing. Corbett's book I will get later as I can borrow it from the library when needed.
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